“Boy Band” Recap And Results: One Eliminated After “Girl Power” Performances (VIDEOS)

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Boy Band Recap August 10 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Boy Band Recap August 10 2017


Tuesday’s “Boy Band” was all about girl power, as the Top 9 sang hits by female superstars, after which one contestant was eliminated. Get the results and watch the performances below!

As Gossip Cop reported, “Boy Band” had a double elimination for the second time last week. The 11 remaining singers were put into three new groups and had to sing breakup-related songs. The architects deemed Jay “J Hype” Gilbert, Andrew Bloom and Devin Hayes the weakest performers. But America could only save one of them, and viewers chose to keep Hayes in the competition.

Now with nine left, the groups were again reconfigured, this time to make three trios. But before their game-changing performances, the live broadcast began with En Vogue performing “Free Your Mind.” A pre-taped package then showed all the contestants taking part in a photo shoot for cover art that will be used for “Eyes Closed,” the winning group’s debut single. Only five singers will score the record deal, and tonight was essentially the quarterfinals.

The first threesome to take the stage was Out Of Control, which included Drew Ramos, Jaden Gray and Mikey Jiminez. They were assigned Sia’s “Titanium.” Following a standing ovation, Emma Bunton exclaimed, “That’s how you start girl power night! It had to be powerful. It was powerful. I loved it.” Nick Carter said, “This is exactly the example I want to use when magic is created with a blend of three or five voices.” He told Jaden Gray, “Your voice was the anchor.” And Timbaland, quoting the song’s lyrics, declared, “Shoot me down, and I won’t fall.” He went on, “Mikey that’s you.” Calling Jiminez’s time in jeopardy in past weeks a “blessing,” the producer told him, “You always rise to the challenge.”

Third Wheel followed, featuring Chance Perez, Marcus Pendleton and Michael Conor. Together they covered “Fighter” by Christina Aguilera, with original raps from Conor. After yet another ovation from the judges, Carter gushed, “I was so entertained. Guys, you commanded that stage!” He said Pendleton was “fighting for his life” and started a “Marcus” chant. He even added, “This guy needs to be in this boy band, in this top five. If you’re not in the boy band in the end, I’m going to be the first person in line buying your solo record.” Bunton told Conor, “I loved hearing you rap tonight… You have something none of the other boys can do. Tonight you killed it for me.” Timbaland also offered strong praise for Perez, saying, “You’re just immortal… You always rise to the occasion. If you keep killing it like this, to me you’re already in the band.”

Last up was Never Gone with Brady Tutton, Devin Hayes and Sergio Calderon. These three performed Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory.” Interestingly, only Carter stood to applaud this final group. He said afterward, “You guys had us on the edge of our seats and all these fans out here as well! We love it!” He commended Calderon for being “consistent and dependable” throughout the competition, but said the aspiring star still hasn’t had a “breakthrough moment.” Bunton told Tutton, “There is something so quirky and lovable about you. Every time you perform, you give it an extra special twinkle… I want to be part of the Brady Bunch, I think!” And while Timbaland said Hayes has been “confident all season,” he urged him, “Just calm down a little bit. I feel like it’s getting a little too cheesy. You’re trying too hard.” And when the architect said his vocals still need work, Hayes insisted, “I’m getting way better at it, man. I’m working.” Still, Timbaland said he still needs “just a little bit more improvement.”

Following the performances, the architects had to pick a bottom two to be up for elimination. They chose Calderon and, for the second week in a row, Hayes, both of whom performed in Never Gone. Carter explained, “Sergio, you have been consistent… But we haven’t seen growth, and I don’t feel as if you have risen to the occasion, and quite frankly, I think we’re going to have to leave it up to America.” Bunton, however, interjected to say, “This actually has not been a majority vote tonight, because Sergio, I think you’re special and you’ve worked hard.”

Carter shot back, “But Emma, he’s connected with us, but he’s not connecting with America.” As for Timbaland, he said, “I just want to leave it up to America. I understand both sides of this.” That said, when it came to Hayes, he again noted the singer’s confidence, and stressed, “But it’s just not a popularity contest.” Carter further told him, “The comment that you made was a little alarming. This is about five. It’s not individuals. It’s about being in a band.”

It was up to the viewers to vote during the last commercial break for which singer they wanted to make the Top 8, with the other one getting the boot. And Calderon WON! That meant Hayes was out. Carter seemed very unhappy with the results, as the camera showed him walking away from Bunton and Timbaland. Next week, it’s the semifinals, with the remaining contestants performing solo and the architects losing their say in the outcome. Check out the videos for tonight’s performances below!

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