“Boy Band” Recap: Performance Videos, Results From Second Live Episode

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Boy Band Recap July 20 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Boy Band Recap July 20 2017


“Boy Band” aired its second live episode on Tuesday, with the 14 remaining contestants performing iconic throwback songs. Check out the videos and get the results below!

As Gossip Cop reported, ABC’s reality competition to find the next great boy band started with 30 contestants. “Architects” Emma Bunton, Timbaland and Nick Carter narrowed down the crop to 18 and then divided them into three groups of six. After that, one from each group was eliminated, leaving 15 aspiring stars in the running to join the final group.

The show went live for the first time last week, with the guys divided into three new groups of five. All three “Boy Band” groups had to perform during the live broadcast, after which the judges deemed one group safe. Then a bottom two was determined by the panelists by choosing one singer from each of the other two groups. They picked Miles Wesley and Mikey Jiminez as the weakest links, after which it was up to America to cast votes during the commercial break for the singer they wanted to stick around. Ultimately, Jiminez was saved and Wesley was given the boot.

Now the process had to repeat itself. And after singing number one hits last week, tonight’s episode was all about timeless classics. The contestants opened the show performing Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” all together. But after that, it was all about groups again, and they were changed up from last time.

First to take the stage was Timeless, with Andrew Bloom, Andrew Butcher, Chance Perez, Marcus Pendleton and Michael Conor. They were assigned Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Following a standing ovation from the architects, Carter said, “Guys, I like to call that ‘Boy Band’ rock and roll! We gotta get a promoter. We gotta get these guys in a stadium tour.” He told Butcher, “This was your night,” and said to Perez, “You owned it!” Bunton noted it was “technically the hardest song to sing” of the night. She encouraged Bloom to be more fluid, and Timbaland singled out Pendleton as a “producer’s dream.” “Basically, you are my dream. You can do anything,” he went on, before praising Conor’s “uniqueness.”

The second new group, called Next Up, featured Brady Tutton, Dorian Tyler, Jaden Gray and Mikey Jimenez. They had to sing Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors.” Afterward, Carter was emotional as he connected with Gray over finding inspiration in family struggles. The young singer cried as did the older. Bunton said, “I feel like I know you all better now because it was such an honest performance. You really opened up and I felt your truth tonight.” She called Tutton’s tone “angelic,” and revealed, “You’re constantly one of our favorites.” But she also highlighted Jiminez for bouncing back from last week and showing growth. And Timbaland urged Tyler to work on pronouncing his words.

The final group was Maxed, comprised of Cam Jackson, Devin Hayes, Drew Ramos, Jay “J Hype” Gilbert and Sergio Calderon. They sang the Lauryn Hill version of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You.” Carter said, “You guys are like smooth criminals up on this stage, stealing all the young ladies’ hearts. This was a classic performance.” He said Jackson “redeemed” himself after vocal issues last week, but admitted he was “concerned” J Hype doesn’t have the “tools” needed to go much further. Bunton told Calderon he’s “continuing to shine,” and Ramos that he “had it all.” “I’m not sure if we’ve been paying enough attention to you. I think you might be the dark horse of this competition,” she went on, to which Timbaland said, “Well, let’s talk about the white horse: Devin Hayes.” The producer had nothing but love for him.

The architects then had some time to deliberate before announcing Timeless and all of its members were safe. That left all of the members of Next Up and Maxed in jeopardy, but only two would be up for elimination. A crying Dorian Tyler from Next Up and Jay “J Hype” Gilbert from Maxed were the ones chosen. Timbaland said Tyler was picked because he hasn’t shown enough “maturity” to suggest he’s “ready” for the rest of the competition, and Carter said J Hype is “still falling behind vocally,” and they’re unsure if he has what it takes to compete.

Viewers at home then had to vote towards the end of the show for only one to received redemption… and J HYPE won! Unfortunately, that meant Tyler was now out of the competition. Watch all of this week’s performances in the videos below.

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