“Boy Band” Recap: Watch Performances From First Live Episode

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Boy Band Recap July 13 2017

By Shari Weiss |

Boy Band Recap July 13 2017


“Boy Band” went live for the first time on Thursday. Get the recap and check out the performance videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, ABC’s new music competition premiered last month. “Architects” Nick Carter, Emma Bunton and Timbaland are putting together what they hope will be music’s next big boy band. On the first episode, the trio narrowed the contestants down to 18 from 30. They were then divided into three groups of six. Each group had to perform before the panel, with third group Six Track performing last week, after which the judges eliminated one member from each act. Now with 15 aspiring stars remaining, the fourth episode marked the series’ first time broadcasting live and the three groups were shuffled.

The show kicked off with all the contenders performing a medley tribute to the iconic boy bands that came before them, including, of course, Carter’s Backstreet Boys. Then, over the course of the hour, the three new groups of five were revealed and each act had to perform a number one song. Following all the performances, the architects had to choose the two contestants they thought were the weakest links overall. Those bottom two artists were then at risk of leaving the competition. But the final decision wasn’t up to the superstars. Instead, America finally had a say as viewers voted for which of the two singers they wanted to save.

The first new group, called Topline, consisted of Chance Perez, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor, Mikey Jiminez and Sergio Calderon. They were assigned Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito.” Bunton exclaimed afterward that she “loved the moves,” and praised Calderon for “commanding the stage.” Timbaland compared Ramos to Marc Anthony, and Carter called the group a “2017 Menudo.” He also gave props to Conor, for taking on singing and dancing with his rapping, and urged Perez to “go all the way.”

They were followed by Treble (stylized as “Tr5ble”), which featured Andrew Butcher, Brady Tutton, Cam Jackson, Dorian Tyler and Marcus Pendleton. Those five covered Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep.” Carter gushed, “Powerful, commanding. You guys look like a boy band already. This is incredible to see.” And though he praised Tutton and his “innocence,” he critiqued Jackson for struggling with the opening. Bunton, too, highlighted Tutton’s “sweet side,” and Timbaland pointed out how “happy” Tyler looked, his confidence clearly rising. Carter added to Butcher that his voice is “incredible,” but there’s “key elements I’m missing from you.”

Last to perform was Element, with Andrew Bloom, Devin Hayes, Jaden Gray, Jay “J Hype” Gilbert and Miles Wesley. Together they sang “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers and Daya. Carter started the feedback with a pun, saying, “You guys were in your element for sure.” He then announced, “There’s one person on this stage I’d like to give the badge for most improved,” and that was Hayes. Bunton said she couldn’t “read” Wesley’s “bad boy” persona, while Timbaland urged Gray to be “louder.”

With all that in mind, the architects first announced Treble was the night’s winning group, and all of its members were therefore safe from elimination. They then selected Jiminez from Topline and Wesley from Element as the two contestants in jeopardy. Carter pointed to the former’s lack of confidence, while Timbaland said the latter seemed like a solo act. Carter added that Wesley didn’t show chemistry.

A voting window then opened up during the final commercial break for viewers to pick which singer should stay in the competition. And MIKEY JIMENEZ won! Sadly, that meant Miles Wesley was going home. Watch all of the performance videos below!

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