Bobby Brown: Health Crisis NOT True

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Bobby Brown Health Crisis

By Shari Weiss |

Bobby Brown Health Crisis

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Bobby Brown is denying a tabloid report claiming he suffered a “health crisis” last month. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

In a characteristically sensationally headline, the National Enquirer exclaims in its current issue, “Bobby Brown Cheats Death!” The story alleges, “Bobby Brown suffered a harrowing — and until now, secret — health crisis that saw him come within seconds of death!” It’s specifically claimed that “decades of hardcore drug abuse and the stress” associated with Bobbi Kristina’s death “led to the rapper’s intestines exploding.”

“Bobby was home alone in Los Angeles when he collapsed in excruciating pain,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “He crawled to his car and drove himself to the Providence Tarzana Medical Center. He arrived screaming for help and doctors rushed to his aid.”

It’s said Brown “lost 80 percent of his blood because of internal bleeding” and was “seconds from dying.” The performer was allegedly given a blood transfusion, and spent two days in the hospital. A supposed “source” claims to the supermarket tabloid, “It was terrifying, and rocked Bobby to the core.”

“It’s a miracle Bobby didn’t die,” continues the outlet’s alleged tipster. “He hasn’t come to terms with losing his baby girl Bobbi, and we thought this could be the final straw! Everyone is distraught.”

But while reps for Brown did not return a request for comment, the star himself is now denying the report. “People make up a lot of different stories about me. But, as you can see, I’m fine, and handsome, and healthy,” he told People at an event on Sunday, reportedly laughing. “Look at me. I’m happy as a lark.”

Gossip Cop is happy to hear Brown is well, contrary to the gossip magazine’s claims. Oh, and by the way, the ethics-challenged folks at the National Enquirer chose to illustrate its story with one of its fake Bobbi Kristina bathtub photos. For shame.

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