Bobbi Kristina Brown Last Photo Displayed On Vile National Enquirer Cover

Bobbi Kristina Brown National Enquirer

By Michael Lewittes |

Bobbi Kristina Brown National Enquirer

(National Enquirer)

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s last photo alive is disgustingly and exploitatively displayed on the cover of the beyond reprehensible National Enquirer. The photo was taken as Brown was near death, laying in her hospice bed. And the picture is blurry because the wholly unsanctioned shot was clearly taken surreptitiously and quickly by some scumbag. Reportedly, the soulless individual who sold the photo to the equally damnable Enquirer was paid $100,000.

To make it worse, if that’s possible, the supermarket tabloid also splashed on its cover the equally offensive photo it bought in 2012 of Brown’s mom, Whitney Houston, laying lifeless in her coffin. In perhaps a new low, which previously seemed unimaginable, the Enquirer shamelessly published photos of a dead mother and daughter on one cover.

The Enquirer boasts about its “world exclusive,” and practically exclaims with glee, “Whitney’s Daughter: The Last Photo!” The tabloid further promises on its cover “More Chilling Images Inside!” as if it were teasing a new Hollywood horror film. The magazine seems to have lost sight of the fact that it’s showing a deceased 22-year-old, whose family would never consent to the reproduction of a photo taken, without permission, during the most painful of times.

Gossip Cop has not read the accompanying article that goes with the vile cover. In fact, we’ve covered the up the images of Brown and Houston who, in death, have been horrendously violated by the tabloid. All we’ll say is we hope the person who took the grainy unauthorized photo is exposed and subjected to the appropriate amount of public scorn.

What kind of person would take a photo of someone in the throes of death and sell it, no less to be featured on the cover of a supermarket tabloid? And what kind of people would desecrate the dead by publishing a photo so clearly not approved by the Brown and Houston families? How would the editors of the Enquirer feel if someone snuck a picture of, God forbid, a child of theirs dying and published it for the world to see? And then profited from it.

Gossip Cop is so incensed by this new low in journalism and frankly human behavior that we have nothing else to say other than to hope that the person who took and sold the picture, as well as the people who bought it, one day have the decency to think about how their actions affected the loved ones of Bobbi Kristina Brown and make the necessary amends.


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