RadarOnline Vilely Posts Last Photo Alive Of Bobbi Kristina Brown In Hospice Bed

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead Photo

By Michael Lewittes |

Bobbi Kristina Brown Dead Photo

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s last known photo alive has vilely been posted online by RadarOnline. The webloid, which is a sister company of the National Enquirer, writes alongside a grainy photo of Brown in bed, that it has “obtained the sad final photograph… snapped while she lay dying in an Atlanta-area hospice.”

Curiously, the webloid which had no shame in posting it online seemingly is embarrassed to explain how it “obtained” the grisly photo. Reportedly, the seller was looking for $100,000 for it. It’s unclear how much RadarOnline or its parent company paid to violate the privacy of Brown after she died.

In any event, it need not have been bought at all, and most assuredly posted for everyone, including children to readily see. RadarOnline also does not address in its photo gallery of Brown why it felt compelled to victimize the dead young woman. Instead, the webloid boasts that Brown died “not long after the photograph was taken.”

Gossip Cop finds this so beyond reprehensible, we’re actually having a hard time putting into words our disgust with RadarOnline. Sure, we’re used to their phony stories, which we have repeatedly busted. And we’ll even suspend belief and accept that sometimes they get stories wrong because their sources were misinformed. But there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for publishing on the Web photos of a young woman dying.

Sadly, though, this does not surprise Gossip Cop because two weeks ago, the equally reproachable National Enquirer published a similar photo Bobbi Kristina Brown.

As we noted before, the blurry pictures were clearly not approved by anyone in the Brown or Houston families, and were obviously taken on the sly by a scumbag, who found willing partners in RadarOnline and the Enquirer. They were taken without permission and now published online without permission by any true loved ones.

God forbid someone at the Enquirer or RadarOnline has to bury a young child: How would they like it if in their private grief, photos of a deceased son or daughter were surreptitiously taken and sold, and then posted online for everyone to gawk at and share?

Gossip Cop hopes the piece of garbage who took the photos is so overcome by guilt that he or she apologizes for having desecrated Bobbi Kristina Brown and devotes him or herself to making amends to her family. And for the complicit violators at RadarOnline and the Enquirer, may we suggest you donate your seemingly ill-gotten gains — from publishing the non-sanctioned photos of Bobbi Kristina Brown as she gasped her last breath — to an organization for battered women.


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