Bobbi Kristina Funeral: Houston And Brown Families Chant “Krissi” Outside Reception (VIDEO)

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Bobbi Kristina Brown funeral reception

By Minyvonne Burke |

Bobbi Kristina Brown funeral reception

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Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family members were seen gathering Saturday outside her aunt Pat Houston’s Atlanta home for a post-funeral reception. Several members of the Brown and Houston families were photographed getting dropped off on the property, and talking with each other in the drive-way. Before heading inside, they all started chanting “Krissi,” Bobbi Kristina’s nickname. See the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Bobbi Kristina’s funeral took place earlier on Saturday at Saint James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The 22-year-old died on June 26, nearly six months after she was found unconscious and face-down in a bathtub at her home. Bobbi Kristina’s other aunt, Leolah Brown, as Gossip Cop noted, was kicked out of the funeral for yelling at Pat Houston during the service.

Houston was about to give her speech when Leolah interrupted and screamed, “Pat, you know you wrong for this!” Leolah was immediately escorted out of the funeral by security while family friend Tyler Perry followed to help diffuse the situation.

Gossip Cop also noted that Bobbi Kristina Brown’s boyfriend Nick Gordon was not at the funeral service, even though he sent an email to Bobby Brown and Pat Houston begging them to let him attend. Gordon may face a possible homicide charge, stemming from Bobbi Kristina’s death. Both the Houston and Brown families will come together again on Monday to bury Bobbi Kristina at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey, next to her mom Whitney Houston.

Check out the video below to see Bobbi Kristina Brown’s family chanting her name after the funeral, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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