Bobbi Kristina Brown Fake Photos: National Enquirer Publishes Shameful “Murder” and Bathtub Recreation Shots

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Bobbi Kristina Bathtub Photo

By Daniel Gates |

Bobbi Kristina Bathtub Photo

(National Enquirer)

The National Enquirer’s cover is even more shameful than usual this week, with a despicable photo “recreation” showing a fake “Bobbi Kristina Brown” face down in a bathtub in order to illustrate the magazine’s theory that she was “dragged to [the] bath” as part of a “staged suicide scene.” With the real Brown in a coma and fighting for her life, the tabloid decided to publish a grisly, completely speculative account of what the Enquirer calls her “murder.”

The outlet tries to dupe readers, claiming it has “exclusive crime scene photos.” It does not have actual crime scene photos. What it does have is an endless series of violent pictures showing various “recreations” of different theories for Brown’s medical emergency.

In the first set of photos, an actor portraying Brown’s partner Nick Gordon is seen strangling and then suffocating an actress portraying Brown. The Enquirer explains that according to one “shocking theory cops have considered,” Gordon suffocated Brown in a “fit of rage and dragged her comatose body to the bathroom,” where he “staged a suicide scene.” To make its point, the Enquirer shows the fake “Gordon” pulling a limp, half-naked “Brown” from her bloodied sheets to the tub.

The Enquirer has no idea whether this is what happened. But the tabloid believes Gordon could have been upset enough with Brown to knock her out, mistakenly believe he’d killed her, and then put her face down in a tub filled with water. And the magazine excitedly shows all of these “foul play” recreation pictures.

Of course, because the Enquirer has no REAL information, it also provides recreations of three other theoretical scenarios: drug overdose, accident and suicide. In other words, the Enquirer presents basically the only four things that could have happened to Brown and pretends it has some kind of exclusive scoop.

All of it is sensational, speculative, and done in the most insensitive way possible. It’s disgusting. Of course, this is the same outlet that routinely claims celebrities are about to die (when they’re not), has spread phony miscarriage stories, made up a “brain cancer” scare for Tori Spelling, lied about a totally fake Philip Seymour Hoffman gay relationship just days after his death, and published an unauthorized picture of the late Whitney Houston’s body in an open casket before her 2012 burial. Now, three years later, the Enquirer is violating Houston’s daughter with these shameful, fake “recreation” photos. Horrible.

Bobbi Kristina Bathtub Photo

(National Enquirer)


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