Bob Saget “The View” Video: Heckler Said “South Will Rise Again”

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Bob Saget The View Video

By Shari Weiss |

Bob Saget The View Video


Bob Saget guest co-hosted “The View” on Friday, during which he discussed political comedy and revealed a heckler told him the “South will rise again.” Check out the video below.

Saget appeared on the show as part of its weekly “Guy Day Friday.” Joy Behar noted the “Fuller House” star is still doing stand-up performances, and Saget revealed, “I was performing a couple weeks ago and a guy heckled from the audience, and it was really disconcerting because it’s kinda where we’re at and it doesn’t happen normally. He said, ‘The South will rise again.’ He heckled that.”

“Who’s that, Jeff Sessions?” Behar cracked, referring to the new attorney general, who has been accused of racism and civil rights era abuses. Saget said he asked the heckler, “What are you saying? You want lynchings? You want to be in a horse and buggy? What do you want? I said, you’re incorrect. Do not set us back 50 years. We’re here to have fun tonight. I’m not going to be talking politics in my stand-up.”

Saget continued, adding some humor, “I talk mostly things that are safe, about family, things below my waist, where no one gets hurt. But it stopped him. And also the club chloroformed him and took him out.” He went on more seriously, “You don’t want that from any side, no matter who’s wanting to be outspoken. We need to be a group of humans.”

And while Behar doesn’t shy away from politics in her own act, Saget said he tries to only do it in a “subliminal” way. Watch below. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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