Bob Marley Widow Rita NOT Dead, Despite Report

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Bob Marley Widow Rita Dead

By Michael Lewittes |

Bob Marley Widow Rita Dead


Rita Marley, the widow of legendary singer Bob Marley, is not dead, despite a rumor spread by MediaTakeOut. Gossip Cop can correct this inaccurate claim. We’re told she’s “alive,” and reports of her death are “untrue.”

Above a photo of Marley, the webloid exclaimed in a headline captured by Gossip Cop (see screengrab at right), “Bob Marley’s Widow RITA MARLEY… Just PASSED AWAY Last Night… May She REST IN PEACE!” The site even shared the story on Facebook and Twitter without so much as bothering to fact-check its grave news. Fortunately, once again MediaFakeout is wrong.

While Rita Marley did suffer a stroke a few weeks ago in the U.S., her spokesperson assures Gossip Cop that rumors of the 70-year-old’s death are “untrue,” and the reggae singer’s widow is “still very much alive thankfully.” We’re also told her recovery from her stroke is progressing.

Interestingly, the site deleted the photo, erased its original headline, and changed the text of its story to read, “Earlier today reports online suggested that she passed away. Those reports are FALSE.” MTO, however, neglects to mention that the “false” reports online about Rita Marley’s supposed death were actually spread by the webloid itself. Instead, it simply pretends it had nothing to do with the dissemination of the inaccurate report.

Once again, Rita Marley is alive, and MediaTakeOut is dead wrong.


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