B.o.B. Promotes Holocaust Denial In Neil deGrasse Tyson Diss Track “Flatline”

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B.o.B. Holocaust Denial Flatline

By Shari Weiss |

B.o.B. Holocaust Denial Flatline


B.o.B. has declared war on Neil deGrasse Tyson over whether the Earth is flat, but he’s also now promoting Holocaust denial in a diss track called “Flatline.” Listen below.

As Gossip Cop reported, B.o.B. went on a Twitter spree Sunday and Monday insisting the Earth is flat. Tyson, a world-renowned astrophysicist, responded with a number of tweets shutting the performer’s theories down. Now B.o.B. is firing back in a new song.

Released around midnight on Tuesday, the track attempts to use Tyson’s own words against him by including an interlude that features audio of the scientist. The rapper also suggests Tyson is paid to promote certain beliefs.
But perhaps most disturbing is the lyrics that reference infamous Holocaust denier David Irving.

B.o.B. raps, “But before you try to curve it/do your research on David Irving/Stalin was way worse than Hitler/That’s why the POTUS gotta wear a Kippah.” He also touches on other conspiracies, such as cloning centers. The star is now getting ripped on Twitter for the song, particularly for the Holocaust denial.

“I wonder if B.o.B. knows that the Holocaust denier he’s repping for also hates black people,” tweeted @ShadowTodd. @Buckets_McYams wrote, “B.o.B. really just supported a Holocaust denier in a song he just dropped I’m done.” @JordanHeckFF commented, “So in addition to saying the earth is flat, @bobatl is now denying that the holocaust happened … i just can’t anymore.”

@hardROClife also remarked, “BOB telling us to read more David Irving, one of the most infamous Holocaust Deniers in history, this is becoming kinda scary tbh.” And @beenjiiii observed, “damn, this BoB flat earth bullsh*t was funny until he became a holocaust denier. why’d he have to go and ruin it by being for real insane.” Listen for youself below.

UPDATE: Tyson has responded with a song of his own, recorded by his nephew, called “Flat to Fact.” Listen below.


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