Blue Ivy “Meltdown” Over Beyonce Twins?

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Blue Ivy Meltdown Beyonce Twins

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Blue Ivy Meltdown Beyonce Twins


Is Blue Ivy having a “meltdown” over mom Beyonce having twins? That’s what a certain webloid is claiming. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

“Only Child No More! Blue Ivy Already Melting Down Over Beyonce’s Twins,” blares the headline of a purported RadarOnline “exclusive” on Friday. According to the story, “Blue Ivy is not exactly as thrilled about the impending arrival” as her famous parents. A so-called “source” claims to the webloid, “Blue Ivy is already getting extremely jealous over how her mother is paying all sorts of attention to her growing baby bump.”

The supposed snitch goes on to allege, “She has been crying a lot lately. Jay Z said that Blue has been throwing huge tantrums and that she does not understand why. They thought that Blue was going to love the fact that she will have a brother and sister. But she doesn’t, and her mom being pregnant is creating so many issues with Blue Ivy. She is acting up more than ever.”

Of course, Blue Ivy is only 5 years old. Little kids cry a lot. They throw tantrums. And there may very well be some growing pains when the twins arrive. But far from having a “meltdown,” Gossip Cop has learned Blue Ivy is actually quite excited to become a big sister.

And while Beyonce obviously is focusing on having a healthy pregnancy, she has not neglected her daughter in any way. In fact, she made it a point to include Blue Ivy in her pregnancy photo shoot (see pic above), and recently had family nights at both the Grammys and NBA All-Star Game. The latter outing led to an adorable mother-daughter snapshot Beyonce shared on Instagram (see below).

RadarOnline, meanwhile, has consistently spread misinformation. In January 2016, the site claimed Beyonce was “almost five months pregnant” when she wasn’t expecting at all. And after the Grammys, the bad blog insisted Beyonce would go into hiding for the duration of her pregnancy. Yet she’s stepped out to go shopping, went to the aforementioned basketball game, and also hit up Oscars parties.

If you want to read wrong stories about Beyonce and her family, there’s RadarOnline. But if you want the truth, stick with Gossip Cop.

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