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Blake Shelton’s home, specifically the country music star’s Oklahoma ranch, has long been rumored to be the location for his and Gwen Stefani’s wedding. The tabloids just love to claim that the two will exchange vows on the ranch, despite the fact that the two aren’t even engaged yet. Gossip Cop couldn’t understand why so many rumors revolve around Shelton’s Oklahoma home, so we researched the home to figure out just why that is.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton first began dating in 2015 after hitting it off on their hit singing competition show, The Voice. The two Voice coaches have been going strong ever since, which might be why the rumors of their supposedly imminent nuptials have been consistently flowing in almost every week. Strangely enough, there’s one specific location that comes up again and again in these reports: Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. Though both Stefani and Shelton own multiple properties, some of them jointly owned, Shelton’s ranch has become a focal point for tabloids.

Blake Shelton’s Oklahoma Ranch Is Impressive

It’s pretty easy to understand why the ranch has sparked so many imaginative stories. The home, named Ten Point Ranch, sits on an astonishing 1,382-acre of land and features a 2,150 square foot main house that is believed to boast four bedrooms and two baths. The real treat, however, lies in the outdoors. With over 1,300 acres of land to play around on, there’s always something to do.

Dotted across the property are small, barn-like structures painted red to create a rustic atmosphere that blends in perfectly in the tiny town of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The Blue River and Lake Texoma are also accessible from the property, which add water sports and fishing to the fun.

Ten Point Ranch isn’t Shelton’s only Oklahoma property. The country music singer also owns a lakefront manor that combines Stefani’s west coast aesthetic with Shelton’s down south charm. The home, which sits near the shore of Lake Texoma, boasts a backyard pool that would be right at home anywhere in LA. The pool features a swim-up tiki bar and is strategically surrounded by imported palm trees. Within walking distance are three guest quarters that come complete with grass roofs, completing the bungalow vibe. A massive balcony connected to the master bedroom overlooks the backyard and pool. The property is also located in Tishomingo, so whenever Shelton and Stefani are in town, they have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to lodging in style.

Locals Love Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton’s ranch, as well as his lake home, have become focal points for the community in Tishomingo, and the locals aren’t at all displeased about that. In fact, Shelton is incredibly popular in the town, thanks to both his easygoing, friendly demeanor as well as his business ventures in the town, like his bar/restaurant Ole Red. “Tishomingo loves Blake Shelton. He really tries hard to generate some business, and he's real easy to talk to,” one Tishomingo resident told News 12. “So everyone appreciates the work he's done.”

“We're all pretty confident in town that Blake's really working as hard as he can to re-generate some business and activity in town,” the resident went on to say. “We all feel pretty confident that he's going to do something really amazing.” The locals were also very welcoming towards Stefani, though the former No Doubt frontwoman was mistakenly referred to as Shelton’s fiancé. “We hope Gwen likes it here in Oklahoma as much as we all do,” adding, “It's a pretty nice place to live.” Seems like both Shelton and Stefani are enjoying their small town popularity.

It’d Be Perfect For Marrying Gwen Stefani

For years, the tabloids have erroneously reported that Stefani and Shelton are planning to tie the knot at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. Perhaps these outlets have fixated on a wedding between the two Voice coaches because they’ve been dating for about five years, but Gossip Cop simply couldn’t understand why the ranch was so often listed as the location for the fake nuptials. It’s a gorgeous piece of real estate, for sure, and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it would be the perfect place for a socially distanced wedding. These rumors far predate the current pandemic, however.

Way back in 2018, Star published a story claiming Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton had married in secret at the Oklahoma ranch. Gossip Cop took this opportunity to point out the fact that this same publication had made an identical claim two years earlier, which turned out to be totally baseless. Regardless, the outlet pressed on, quoting a so-called “insider” as saying, “It was so intimate... It was the perfect day.” Curiously, the magazine neglected to mention what date the supposed wedding took place, though it and its source were adamant that it had happened. Gossip Cop did our research, unlike this shady outlet, apparently, and learned from a staffer at the County Clerk’s office that there was no record of a marriage between Shelton and Stefani. The outlet simply made it up, as it often does.

The rumors continued to pile up in 2019 and each one was more melodramatic and nonsensical than the last. Early that year, OK! reported that Stefani was pregnant and she and Shelton had called off their wedding at the ranch. The “Cool” singer had allegedly conceived her fourth child through IVF treatments, a favorite trope of the tabloids, and was in the midst of planning her wedding to Shelton. The country music star, however, had “started acting distant and noncommittal about finalizing the details,” which worried Stefani. Eventually, Shelton finally “admitted he had cold feet after two failed marriages,” and Stefani decided “to nix the wedding.”

The suspicious source for the outlet went on to say, “Gwen thinks Blake is making lame excuses after three years together,” before adding, “They haven't broken up, but things are pretty tense and emotional.” Absolutely none of this story was remotely true. Not only was Stefani not pregnant, she and Shelton weren’t even planning a wedding. Gossip Cop checked in with Stefani’s spokesperson, who’s qualified to speak on the star’s behalf, and learned that the allegations in the article were “untrue.”

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Several disreputable outlets, including the often debunked National Enquirer, have maintained that while Stefani and Shelton already got married on the Oklahoma ranch, the couple plans to have a second wedding in LA. A tipster supposedly told the outlet, “They're not the type to have a huge, over-the-top celebration. Everybody knows how wild they are about each other and the marriage was just a formality.” Gossip Cop couldn’t help but note that if the couple didn’t want to go “over-the-top,” then they would likely skip a “second” wedding.

The tabloid also insisted that Stefani had been undergoing IVF treatments, which had failed, so the couple had found themselves a “great young lady” to be their surrogate. “They are getting the fairy-tale ending they always dreamed of, and Blake finally gets to be a dad,” the snitch crooned. Gossip Cop knows better than to trust a tabloid as shady as the Enquirer, so we reached out to Stefani’s rep for answers. Every one of the outlet’s claims were adamantly denied.

In 2020, the rumors of a secret, Oklahoma wedding kept coming. In April, Star claimed Shelton and Stefani had quietly married under quarantine. According to the magazine, and it’s untrustworthy sources, the two invited about 16 celebrity guests and others who couldn’t attend witnessed the nuptials via Zoom. “They're both laid-back and spontaneous, and it just made sense,” the source reported. “They didn't need a fanfare, just a handful of loved ones and someone to preside over the nuptials,” adding the guests watched “from a safe distance of course!” Gossip Cop has busted this specific outlet several times for making similar claims, which was why we initially viewed this tall tale with suspicion. Besides, at the time this story was published, Stefani and Shelton had made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via video call and made no mention of their supposed wedding. It’s almost as if the claims were completely fabricated!

Us Weekly reported in July that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were planning to spend a whopping $10 million on two wedding ceremonies, one in Oklahoma and the other in LA. “These will be the two most special days of their lives,” the outlet’s source said. The LA ceremony would supposedly be the more intimate of the two, but the Oklahoma wedding would be a “big blowout celebration.” Directly contrasting the publication’s report, the much more reliable ET Online wrote a few weeks before that Stefani was in “no hurry” to marry Shelton. What’s far more likely than some supermarket tabloid breaking the news of the stars’ wedding is the stars revealing the news themselves. If or when the two finally tie the knot, they’ll be the first to let us all know.


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