Blake Shelton Plays “Whisper Challenge” On ‘Fallon,’ Says He Doesn’t Know Who Benedict Cumberbatch Is (VIDEO)

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Blake Shelton Whisper Challenge Jimmy Fallon

By Michael Lewittes |

Blake Shelton Whisper Challenge Jimmy Fallon


Blake Shelton played a new game with Jimmy Fallon called “The Whisper Challenge” on Thursday’s “Tonight Show.” As the talk show host explained, basically one person would put on a set of headphones with loud music playing, while the other picked up a card with a random phrase on it. The person wearing the headphones then had to guess what the phrase the other was saying. Fallon was pretty good at guessing the phrases while Shelton was not, and even admitted he had no idea who Benedict Cumberbatch was (video below).

While Shelton wore headphones, Fallon said the phrase “Pumpkin Spice Latte.” Somehow or another, “The Voice” coach guessed that the talk show host was saying, “My pee pee’s stretched out.” After Fallon repeated the phrase, Shelton still said, “My pee pee… I know it’s pee pee.” When Fallon suggested he try it “one more time,” the country singer repeated, “One more time,” which the resigned “Tonight Show” host said, “I’ll take that as a win. It counts.”

It was then Shelton’s turn to read his phrase, “Benedict Cumberbatch.” Before he read Cumberbatch’s name, the singer said, “I don’t even know how to say this.” So, what was Fallon’s first guess after Shelton said the actor’s name? “Billy Eisner compromises.” Fallon, however, guessed “Benedict Cumberbatch on his second try.

“There is no way,” an incredulous Shelton said following Fallon’s correct answer, adding Benedict Cumberbatch “doesn’t even mean anything.” When the host explained that Cumberbatch is an Oscar nominated actor, “The Voice” coach replied, “That’s a person? Never heard of that.” “Very famous actor,” said Fallon, to which Shelton responded, “Bullcrap.”

Shelton didn’t fare well either with Fallon’s phrase “Cobra Kai,” which he thought was “Show me the knockies.” Eventually Shelton got the the answer half-right when he said, “Cobra Karate.” The talk show host explained to Shelton “Cobra Kai” was from the movie Karate Kid, which he jokingly said, “It stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Ralph Macchio.” Finally, Shelton read the phrase, “50 Shades Of Grey,” which Fallon guessed right away. Shelton was not happy. Check out the funny video below, and tell us what you think.


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