Blake Shelton Performs Surprise “Today” Show Concert For Halloween (VIDEO)

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Blake Shelton Today Show Halloween Concert

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Today Show Halloween Concert


Blake Shelton performed a surprise “Today” Show concert for Halloween on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, this year’s installment of the “Today” show’s annual costume reveal began with a pre-taped message from Reba McEntire. She explained it was “Legends Night” at the Grand Ole Opry (use your imagination), with a barn-themed stage erected for a mini-concert. The anchors all portrayed iconic country stars, like Billy Ray Cyrus and Dolly Parton. Hoda Kotb was quite the sight dressed as her friend, Shelton. As she started singing “Honey Bee,” the real country superstar came out to join her.

While that in and of itself was a surprise for fans, that’s not all they had planned. After all the co-hosts made their costume debuts, Matt Lauer announced, “But believe me, this is not the big surprise.” The barn doors then moved away to reveal Rockefeller Plaza was set up for one of the morning show’s signature concerts, and Shelton would be taking the stage. There was some chit-chat before he actually performed, with the singer cracking to Kotb, “I don’t know what it says about my ego, but I love you even more.” She later said, “I love having my twin here. This is like one of my favorite days ever.”

While Shelton’s concert was ostensibly a Halloween treat, it was actually timed to the release of his new album, Texoma Shore, which comes out on Friday. He explained the title is a reference to a small area on the Texas-Oklahoma border where he spent time as a kid. He went on to joke that being in New York for the “Today” show and heading out on his upcoming tour are a “nice break from being stuck in L.A., hanging out with Adam [Levine] for months.” As he spoke, Shelton was distracted by Lauer’s fake Dolly Parton cleavage, quipping, “I want him to put that microphone between his boobs so bad and just interview me there.” And so the anchor obliged.

As for his Halloween plans for the rest of the day, Shelton revealed he ran into Heidi Klum on Monday. “She invited me to her Halloween party until she realized Gwen’s not here with me,” he joked. For his actual performances, Shelton sang “I’ll Name The Dogs” and “I Lived It.” Watch the videos below!

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