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Has Gwen Stefani been keeping “fun-lovin’” Blake Shelton on a “short leash?” A tabloid recently reported that Shelton has had to cut out bar nights with his pal to prove he’d be a “good husband” to Stefani. Gossip Cop looked into the claims and can clarify the situation.

"Country Stallion" Blake Shelton Tamed By Gwen Stefani

The National Enquirer reported that “buddies” of Blake Shelton have been complaining that the country superstar’s girlfriend of five years, Gwen Stefani, has “broken up the old gang” with all the rules she forces Shelton to follow. Shelton, the outlet argued, used to be a “fixture on the Nashville bar scene,” but now that Stefani has “tightened the leash” on him, he’s “cut back big-time!” A source told the tabloid,

Blake was always the hardest-partying guy on the scene, but Gwen has tamed him.

Even some of Shelton’s fellow “country studs” like Luke Bryan and Trace Adkins “grumble they hardly see him anymore,” the source continued. There was an all too obvious reason why, the so-called “pal” went on to say.

He’s trying to show Gwen he can be a responsible person, and a good husband and stepfather to her kids. Blake wants to be someone Gwen can be proud of!

Supposedly, the “former fun-loving” Shelton had a hard time adjusting to being in a “committed relationship,” but he understood that Stefani just wanted him to set “the best example for her sons.” That's a little hard to swallow since Shelton was previously married before he began a relationship with Stefani, so a "committed relationship" doesn't seem to be as foreign a concept as the outlet indicated.

What Rules, Exactly?

Moving on, what are these intense rules that apparently chafe at Shelton enough to mention and keep him away from his pals? The source was all too happy to spill the details, lackluster as they may be.

Gwen likes things a certain way. She makes him take off his boots every time he walks through the door. She hates it when he leaves his keys on the counter. He has to eat with the family at very specific times.

Despite those rules supposedly “reining” him in, and the fact that he missed “the freedom of Oklahoma and his bar buddies in Nashville,” Shelton, according to insiders, has never been happier. While it’s almost certain that Shelton is still enjoying his relationship with Stefani, hence the recent big steps the two have taken in their relationship, the rest of this story is almost certainly false.

Gossip Cop's Not Buying It

Has this publication forgotten that there’s a pandemic going on? It sometimes feels as if these types of tabloids write stories in bulk ahead of time, which is why this tall tale left out any mention of the Covid-19 pandemic out entirely. The most likely reason that Shelton hasn’t been seen at his usual haunts, including his bar Ole Red, is because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Many bars are still closed or face strict regulations in order to slow the spread of the deadly Covid-19. It’s likely that Shelton has been avoiding those types of establishments out of caution rather than to avoid Stefani’s ire.

Besides, Blake Shelton is an incredibly busy man. In addition to judging on the wildly popular singing competition show, The Voice, Shelton has also spent quarantine writing and performing multiple new songs, including some he sings with Gwen Stefani. This outlet tries to peddle the tired old trope of a shrewish girlfriend forcing her fun-loving beau to take on more responsibility, but do we honestly believe that Gwen Stefani, of all people, is the type of person to tut-tut a good time? That’s one narrative we won’t ever fall for.

Tabloid's Reputation Precedes It

Gossip Cop has a hard time taking anything the Enquirer publishes seriously since the outlet has a history of making false reports, especially when it comes to Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship. The often debunked tabloid recently reported that Shelton and Stefani might break up over their schedules. We found that report to be entirely inaccurate. A short while before that, the outlet claimed Stefani and Shelton had been fighting over politics. Neither of these stories was true, of course. This is yet another totally bogus report from a publication famous for getting the story wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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