Blake Shelton Confirms Gossip Cop Tabloid Busts About Gwen Stefani Relationship

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blake shelton tabloids

By Michael Lewittes |

blake shelton tabloids

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Blake Shelton is confirming Gossip Cop was, once again, 100 percent right with our busts about him and Gwen Stefani in this week’s tabloids. The singer and “Voice” coach rightfully ripped two magazine covers that we had debunked on Wednesday.

On Thursday, Shelton mocked In Touch and OK! for their dumb and dumber cover stories. As Gossip Cop previously noted, OK! published an entirely untrue story that claimed Stefani was expecting “twins,” and that she and Shelton are going to have a “shotgun wedding.” Not one element of the tabloid’s story is true. Stefani is not pregnant at all, let alone with two babies, and the two are not getting married anytime soon. About that false cover, Shelton tweeted, “For gods sake….. I wish I’d been collecting these all this time.” Fortunately, for Shelton, Gossip Cop has it all on file.

The second cover Shelton slammed on Twitter came from In Touch, which featured a photo of him and Stefani looking unhappy above the headline, “Gwen Cancels The Wedding.” About that story and photo, the country star tweeted, “Ha!!!!!!! This is possibly the funniest picture I’ve ever seen!!! My god… I wish they’d at least pick a story!!” As Gossip Cop noted on Wednesday, the story is 100 percent a fabrication. There never was a “weddning” planned for Stefani, who’s still technically married, to cancel.

On Wednesday, reps for both Shelton and Stefani exclusively told Gossip Cop the tabloid covers about them having twins and a shotgun wedding, as well as them conversely canceling their wedding were entirely “untrue.” Shelton ended his mini-Twitter rant by quoting Jerry Seinfeld as saying, “People who read tabloids deserve to be lied to.” We mostly agree, though if people do feel the urge to read a tabloid, at least have the good sense to see if it’s true by checking Gossip Cop.


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