Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Split Over Miranda Lambert’s “Mean Texts”?

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Gwen Stefani Split Blake Shelton

By Michael Lewittes |

Gwen Stefani Split Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have not “split,” despite yet another inaccurate tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told it’s entirely “false.”

According to OK!, Stefani and Shelton “broke up after fighting about a series of mean texts” that the country singer’s ex-wife Miranda Lambert had allegedly sent Stefani. The tabloid has one of its questionable sources claiming Lambert began harassing Stefani after she supposedly heard the latter was referring to her as a “redneck harlot.” The magazine’s so-called “insider” alleges, “Miranda got ahold of Gwen’s cell-phone number and started calling, sometimes as many as four times in one day.”

The outlet goes on to claim that since the calls were coming from an unknown number, Stefani didn’t pick up, but eventually she “got annoyed and texted back, ‘Who is this, and how did you get my number?'” The tabloid’s presumably phony “source” alleges that after Lambert identified herself, she called Stefani a “home-wrecker” and told her that she’s “lucky I don’t find you and kick your ass.” The seemingly fictional “source” then notes Lambert further slammed Stefani by telling her her career was “over,” and that her music hasn’t been “relevant since the ’90s.”

Even more absurdly, the publication has its fake “source” say, “Gwen accused [Shelton] of somehow letting her phone number slip to his ex” and even “defending Miranda.” The magazine’s alleged “insider” claims Shelton told Stefani to “calm down and tried to brush off the situation, explaining that it was just Miranda’s tough ‘country gal’ personality coming through, and that Gwen shouldn’t get too worked up about it.”

Gwen took that as Shelton “taking his ex-wife’s side,” alleges the outlet, leading her to become “livid enough to put the brakes on their entire relationship over his supposed betrayal.” Very dramatically, the magazine’s bogus source adds, “Gwen decided that if Blake wouldn’t stand up for her and tell Miranda off, she didn’t want to be with him.”

And yet, despite the tabloid’s entirely made-up story, Shelton has been by Stefani’s side, including being at her son Apollo’s second birthday party on Sunday at her Beverly Hills home, where they were openly affectionate. It all makes Gossip Cop wonders if OK! relied on its same know-nothing “source,” who fed the magazine a slew of false reports, such as its cover four weeks ago that claimed Steni was “pregnant with twins.” Oddly, the publication makes no mention of the couple’s impending “twins” in its new bull “split” story.

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with actual Shelton and Stefani insiders. A source close to the country singer says it is simply “more garbage” from the tabloids, while Stefani’s rep exclusively tells us the entire story is “false.”

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have split over Miranda Lambert’s mean texts.


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