Blake Shelton Clashing With Gwen Stefani’s Sons?

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Blake Shelton Sons Gwen Stefani

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Sons Gwen Stefani

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Is Blake Shelton clashing with Gwen Stefani’s sons? That’s the latest from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can reveal the truth.

“Gwen’s Boys Brush Off Blake,” reads a headline in the new issue of OK!. According to the accompanying article, “Gwen Stefani expected an early December weekend in Lake Arrowhead, Calif., with her three sons to be a relaxing retreat, but according to a source close to Gwen, it was anything but. That’s because her two eldest boys, Kingston, 10, and Zuma, 8, have grown tired of the country crooner always being around!”

The so-called “source” claims, “Blake is great with her 2-year-old, Apollo, but he hasn’t totally bonded with the older ones. All the boys know is that since Blake came on the scene, they’ve been seeing less of their real dad [Gavin Rossdale]. They’re starting to blame Blake for the upheaval in their lives.”

It’s said Shelton has “tried ‘desperately’ to win over Kingston and Zuma, spoiling them every chance he gets,” but “he’s still a little awkward with them and Gwen knows it.” The outlet’s alleged tipster adds, “Kingston has told her that Blake isn’t as ‘cool’ as Gavin. She’s frustrated that the kids aren’t fully accepting him yet.”

Well, Gossip Cop is frustrated that OK! keeps publishing fake news. There are several obvious red flags right in this piece. First off, Stefani and Rossdale’s marriage fell apart and their family dynamic changed long before Shelton entered the picture. So the claim that the kids are blaming the country singer for how much they do or don’t see their dad doesn’t hold much weight.

Second, as suspicious as what the magazine does say in its story is what it chose to leave out. For instance, not mentioned is how Kingston and Zuma matched Shelton with camouflage outfits during that Lake Arrowhead trip. Similarly, nothing is said, for example, about Kingston doing a Shelton FaceSwap and singing along to one of his songs in a Snapchat video this summer. But they’re supposedly having problems bonding? Right.

And here’s the biggest red flag: These allegations are coming from the same tabloid that has repeatedly claimed over and over that Stefani is pregnant with Shelton’s baby and the two are tying the knot, or already have. The publication just lies again and again, spewing whatever it sees fit at any given moment, regardless of both past “reporting” and accuracy. So, Gossip Cop has two truth bombs to drop: OK! is still making things up, and there’s no issue between Shelton and Stefani’s kids.

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