Blake Shelton Tweets He’s ‘Single’

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Blake Shelton Single Tweet

By Andrew Shuster |

Blake Shelton Single Tweet

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Blake Shelton tweeted he was “single” on Monday, but not to worry, the country music star is still very much dating Gwen Stefani. After realizing that his comment might be misinterpreted, the singer immediately clarified his definition of the word “single.”

“One thing I have learned about being single,” Shelton wrote, “It is entirely possible to live off of the food I’ve received in gift baskets. Hurry Christmas!” After a few confused followers responded with messages such as, “Wait, what about Gwen?” Shelton cleared up his comment. “And before yall start, ‘single’ means not married… Jesus.”

However, one of Shelton’s fans joked that his clarification was already “too late,” and that the tabloids will be “going crazy.” The singer retweeted the message, along with the response, “Ha!!!! Probably.” Shelton also retweeted a fan who wrote, “Hey we can’t help it. Kinda like you and @gwenstefani as a couple!” to which Shelon responded with a blushing smiley face emoji.

As Gossip Cop noted, Shelton and Stefani went public with their romance last month. In the time since, we have corrected numerous inaccurate tabloid reports claiming the couple had already broken up. Hopefully, Shelton’s innocuous tweet doesn’t result in more false split rumors. Tell Gossip Cop what you think about Shelton referring to himself as “single” and then clarifying what he meant.


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