Blake Shelton is NOT "terrified" Miranda Lambert will "always be singing about him," despite a seemingly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can bust the manufactured story.

As Gossip Cop reported, Lambert performed "Tin Man" at the 2017 ACM Awards on Sunday, a song that seems to be inspired by her heartbreak from the divorce with Shelton. She also specifically mentioned her "heartbreak," although not Shelton himself, in one of her acceptance speeches. Now the fabrication factory known as HollywoodLife is exclaiming in a headline, "Blake Shelton: He's Terrified Miranda Lambert Will Always Be 'Singing About Him.'"

In the purported "exclusive" (cough), it's said, "Blake Shelton may have moved on from Miranda Lambert, but that doesn't mean their relationship doesn't still haunt him through her music... Blake is totally terrified that Miranda may never stop singing about him!" The serial fabricators quote a so-called "insider" as saying, "Blake is relieved to have moved on from the most challenging time in his life, but he worries that Miranda has enough material to write several more albums about their time together."

The site's alleged tipster adds, "Blake is hoping that Miranda finds new inspiration for her music and that she doesn't spend the rest of her life singing about him." But there's several problems here, the first of which seems to be ignorance about the music industry and country music in particular. Just as Lambert did, Shelton also sang songs inspired by their split on his last album.

And though he's in a new relationship, he's still likely to sing about heartbreak in the future. That's one of the biggest themes of country music. Shelton in no way expects Lambert to stop drawing from her personal life for inspiration. That's what all artists do. At the same time, he's not conceited enough to think Lambert is actually going to "spend the rest of her life singing about him."

It's also especially important to point out that HollywoodLies has a history of making up stories about the former couple. Last December, Gossip Cop busted the webloid for concocting a story claiming Lambert was missing Shelton during the holidays. And in 2015, we debunked a fictional tale about Shelton having "trust issues" with Gwen Stefani as a result of his relationship with Lambert.

HollywoodLies has repeatedly shown that its "insiders," whether invented or disreputable, make claims that don't match reality. The allegations and sources seemingly come out of thin air, after the site identifies a news topic on which to capitalize. In this case, in the wake of the ACMs, the bad blog crafted a story on Shelton's reaction. It's all very transparent. The sad thing is when fans unwittingly fall for it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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