Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani: Separating Fact From Fiction

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Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Separating Fact Fiction

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Gwen Stefani Separating Fact Fiction


It’s only been a couple of days, but Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have become the hottest new couple in the celebrity world. Naturally, with that has come a number of rumors. Gossip Cop is here to deliver the facts.

FICTION: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been dating for months, as claimed by RadarOnline.
FACT: Gossip Cop correctly busted claims in September and October that “The Voice” co-stars were dating and even looking to move in together. In actuality, Shelton and Stefani didn’t begin their romance until this very week.

FICTION: Miranda Lambert knew for a while Blake Shelton was dating Gwen Stefani, as claimed by HollywoodLife.
FACT: As mentioned above, Shelton and Stefani’s relationship only began just a few days ago. Lambert did not know about it until it was revealed on Wednesday. She understandably appeared downcast at the CMAs afterward, and has since posted some poignant social media messages. That said, she and Shelton are divorced, and she knows he is free to date whomever he pleases.

FICTION: Miranda Lambert shaded Gwen Stefani at the CMAs, as claimed by OK!.
FACT: It was ridiculously claimed Lambert was shading Stefani when she arrived at the CMA Awards with pink hair… because Stefani had pink locks in 1999. But the color choice actually had nothing to do with the No Doubt front woman. As Gossip Cop pointed out, pink is actually Lambert’s favorite color (she named her store Pink Pistol and her tour “Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars”), and she’s changed up her hair other times this year, too.

FICTION: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are planning a wedding, as claimed by Life & Style.
FACT: In early October, the tabloid ridiculously alleged the performers wanted to marry in a “small ceremony at a neutral location on the beach, in Hawaii or the Carolinas.” It was complete nonsense, and even Shelton’s rep told Gossip Cop the story was “not true.”

FICTION: Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani dating is a publicity stunt.
FACT: Well… this one may be true. There’s a number of red flags suggesting the new romance is less than genuine, including the decision to confirm it just hours before the CMAs, and the decision to be photographed holding hands post-CMAs just before leaving Nashville. Additionally, the facts that “The Voice” begins its live episodes on Monday, and that the newly-single colleagues have collaborated on a song, have raised eyebrows.

Gossip Cop actually conducted a Twitter poll asking fans whether they thought Shelton and Stefani were dating for real or for publicity, and the results currently stand at 55 percent believing the relationship is a stunt. Asked on Wednesday if that was the case, Shelton’s rep flatly told Gossip Cop, “No.” Whatever happens, we’ll continue to separate fact from fiction.


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