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It seems not a week goes by without new rumors about Blake Shelton. The country superstar remains a tabloid target month after month, in part due to his high-profile relationship with Gwen Stefani. Here, Gossip Cop takes a look back at five recent stories about Shelton that were just plain wrong.

In March, In Touch ran a double whammy, alleging Shelton had broken up with Gwen Stefani and was "secretly texting" Miranda Lambert for help getting over the supposed split. With Lambert ending her relationship with Anderson East around the same time, it was said she and Shelton had "buried the hatchet and have been supporting each other through their latest troubled relationships." The former spouses were even deemed "close friends and allies," with a romantic reconciliation "not out of the realm of possibility." But Gossip Cop confirmed with a spokesperson that Shelton never "dumped" Stefani, as wrongly claimed, and he had no intention of reuniting with Lambert. In fact, in recent weeks he's actually been accused of throwing shade at his ex-wife.

The tabloid's sister publication, Life & Style, then offered a completely different narrative in April. The magazine announced Stefani and Shelton were having a "wedding & a baby." As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time, the outlet actually photoshopped a January beach picture of the couple to remove an alcoholic drink from Stefani's hands so fans would think she was pregnant. On top of the photo deception, the accompanying article was filled with lies and misinformation. But the marriage storyline continued in May, when RadarOnline and the National Enquirer claimed Stefani and her parents asked Shelton to convert to Catholicism in order for them to wed. The outlets further asserted he gave up drinking for her, too.

But as seen on Shelton's own Instagram, he's still imbibing. Furthermore, a rep told Gossip Cop it was not true he was asked to change religions as a precursor to getting married. In fact, "Entertainment Tonight" has explained that both Shelton and Stefani are "not ready" to get married. And the Oklahoma native is also on record as saying just weeks ago that they won't be tying the knot "any time soon." He's also joked several times about the tabloids prematurely marrying them off.

Of course, not all tall tales about Shelton have to do with his love life. In April, OK! alleged he and Kelly Clarkson, his co-star and friendly rival on "The Voice," were "at war." They were described as "at each other's throats" behind the scenes of the NBC competition, with their supposed "spats" getting "vicious." Yet the performers have both spoken in several interviews about being close pals off-screen. And just days ago, Clarkson presented Shelton with a handmade quilt, which he gushed about on social media. Though they of course each want to win on "The Voice," it's quite clear no off-camera "war" between them actually exists.

Perhaps the most bizarre falsehood of all came just this past week. RadarOnline, with help from Star, claimed Shelton was actually "pushed aside" at a store by a swarm of Meghan Markle fans. It was claimed he thought a mob of girls were excited to see him outside of Gelson's, but they really just wanted to check out Humphrey Yogurt, which is located inside the store, because Markle once worked for the company. But paparazzi photos of Shelton at the time of the alleged encounter showed that no such incident ever took place, which was also confirmed to Gossip Cop by a Gelson's manager.

It should be noted that the star himself recently took issue with the gossip media. Shelton posted on Twitter last month, "99% of the things you read about my on social media or the internet isn't true. It's actually disturbing. I rarely even look at it anymore because I know it's mostly fake." Fortunately, for fans who want to know what's real and what's not, Gossip Cop will continue separating fact from fiction as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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