Blake Shelton NOT Retiring To Become A Dad, Despite Claim

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Blake Shelton Retiring

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Retiring

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Blake Shelton is not retiring to become a full-time dad, despite a claim from the tabloids. Gossip Cop can easily debunk this ill-informed story.

The inaccurate article appears in the latest edition of OK!, which quotes from one of Shelton’s songs, “You name the babies and I’ll name the dogs.” The gossip magazine contends that’s a “vision of family that could happen sooner than later for him.” As evidence, the outlet points to a tweet the singer sent last week, in which he wrote, “Watching @BruceArians life story NFL channel. Damn proud to call you my friend coach. Enjoy your retirement!!! I’ll be joining you REAL soon brother!!! #hero.”

The song and that tweet appear to have been the impetus for this narrative, which continues with the publication asserting, “As his bond with Gwen Stefani’s three sons has deepened, and as the pair reportedly try for a baby of their own, insiders say Blake is itching to stop touring, leave ‘The Voice’ and enjoy fatherhood.” And so the tabloid speculates that the outings Shelton has gone on with Stefani’s kids “could become a full-time gig for Blake.”

But while Shelton joked last spring about doing a “last” album and leaving the NBC music competition, neither are actually on his agenda for the near future. On the contrary, he remains committed to his career. Just three weeks ago, Shelton signed a new long-term deal with Warner Music Nashville, and said in a statement, “I look forward to more incredible years with my Warner family.” He also already has concerts booked as far ahead as July, six months from now.

In other words, although Shelton may sometimes indulge in a life of leisure and carve out time for some R&R, he’s not actually retiring anytime soon. And there’s a clue right in this article that the allegations are illegitimate. At the same time the magazine is claiming to have insight on how Shelton may give up his career, it asserts he’s “reportedly” trying for a baby with Stefani. Well, if the outlet really had “insiders,” as alleged, wouldn’t it be able to confirm whether or not they are actually planning to have kids?

One would think. But as Gossip Cop has been proving for more than two years now, the publication’s reporting about the couple rarely resembles reality. For example, just last week, the tabloid (wrongly) insisted it was “official” Stefani and Shelton were married after having a secret wedding at her home. It’s telling that this new story says nothing about the pair recently tying the knot. The inconsistency is likely a result of the magazine obviously not caring much about accuracy.

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