Blake Shelton NOT In Rehab, Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Rehab September 2015

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Rehab September 2015

(In Touch)

Blake Shelton is NOT in rehab, nor is he being forced to get treatment, despite a tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can correct the erroneous report.

On Wednesday, the new issue of In Touch hit newsstands blaring, “REHAB For Blake,” and claiming “The Voice” coach has “hit rock bottom” in the wake of his divorce from Miranda Lambert. The magazine claims Shelton’s “drinking and womanizing are at epic levels,” with pals believing he’s “out of control.” One “source” is even quoted as saying, “His friends are terrified that he could end up dead at this rate.”

“Blake needs rehab. It’s as simple as that,” another “insider” tells In Touch, which fills its pages with tales of Shelton’s allegedly alarming behavior, and claims that his supposed drinking problem is what “helped torpedo” his marriage to Lambert. “His close friends have talked about an intervention, but it hasn’t happened yet. They need to hurry, because time is running out,” says one of the tipsters.

In Touch even goes as far as interviewing an “addiction expert” who has NEVER treated or even met the singer. Yes, Shelton likes to drink, and he makes no secret of that. But consider this: If friends were REALLY concerned, they would be taking responsible action, not dishing to a tabloid about the situation.

Gossip Cop confirmed on Wednesday, hours after the story was released, that Shelton was NOT in rehab, and that no one in his camp was urging him to go, contrary to the tabloid’s claims. On Thursday, the country star himself even mocked the wrong allegations, as he occasionally does with these ridiculous claims. In fact, it was a fan that sparked Shelton’s mockery this time.

“I love when I hear rumors about me….it makes me feel like @blakeshelton #NotTruth #BlahBlahBlah,” tweeted a follower named Scott. An amused Shelton responded, “Ha!!! I love this tweet!!!!” Then, in a nod to the off-base In Touch story, he jokingly added, “Hey look I have cell service in rehab!!!!”

In Touch, of course, is the same outlet Shelton threatened to sue last month after it ran a false cover claim, first debunked by Gossip Cop, about a supposed “affair.” Gossip Cop thinks the tabloid should take that embarrassing “The Real Story” label off its future covers and get some better sources.


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