Blake Shelton Refusing To Marry Gwen Stefani Because Of Miranda Lambert Divorce?

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Blake Shelton Refusing Marry Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert

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Blake Shelton Refusing Marry Gwen Stefani Miranda Lambert

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Is Blake Shelton refusing to marry Gwen Stefani because he’s still hurting from his divorce from Miranda Lambert? That’s what not one, but two tabloids are trying to get readers to believe this week. But as Gossip Cop has already reported, it just isn’t true.

In the current issue of In Touch is an article with the headline, “Miranda Comes Between Gwen & Blake.” If that sounds familiar, it’s because sister outlet Life & Style is also claiming in its own current edition that Lambert is “coming between” Stefani and Shelton, and Gossip Cop busted it. Now upon close inspection, it seems the two tabloids are trying to dupe fans with slightly different versions of the same inaccurate claims.

The main idea is the same in each case: Shelton is not ready to marry Stefani and Lambert is to blame. In the Life & Style story, a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce and the betrayal he felt, but it just hasn’t.” But in the In Touch tale, the alleged “insider” quote is, “Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce and the betrayal he felt, but sadly, it just hasn’t.” The reason there’s a difference in the phrasing is not because the same person separately spoke to both publications, but because the publications together manufactured the basic statement and agreed to alter it slightly in one article so it wouldn’t be word-for-word the same.

The reports in their entirety were jointly concocted by the staffs of the gossip magazines, and they did so without acknowledging all the prior lies they’ve told. For instance, while they’re now claiming that Shelton won’t marry Stefani, in September In Touch was saying that he and Lambert were in a “race” to get remarried first. It’s also important to remember that earlier this year, Shelton and In Touch settled a lawsuit after he sued the magazine for defamation. That suit, and the contradictory reporting, indicates that the outlet doesn’t really have the “insiders” it claims. That’s why it crafts inconsistent stories and constantly changes the narrative.

And here, the narrative is completely false. As Gossip Cop said when we debunked the Life & Style report with these allegations, Shelton has moved on from his marriage to Lambert. His plans to marry or not marry Stefani have nothing to do with his ex-wife. It doesn’t matter how matter how many tabloids try to peddle the same information. Wrong is wrong. Period.