Blake Shelton took to Twitter on Thursday to clear up the inaccurate speculation that he had dinner with House Speaker Paul Ryan on Thanksgiving Eve. The country music star was slammed on social media after a photo emerged of him chatting with the divisive politician at Shelton's restaurant in Oklahoma, but the singer is setting the record straight.

On the night before Thanksgiving, Shelton and Gwen Stefani were at the country star's recently opened Ole Red Tishomingo restaurant, where Ryan stopped by to dine as well. The controversial Republican has been widely criticized for the GOP's proposed tax plan that many believe will cut wealthy people's taxes and take away healthcare from those in need. As a result, many social media users were outraged by Shelton mingling with Ryan.

One person tweeted, "Hanging out with Paul Ryan not cool man, just lost all the respect for you." Another user wrote, "OK.. @blakeshelton is no longer the sexiest man alive. Being w/Paul Ryan... very unattractive!" And another person expressed, "blake shelton is just as bad as paul ryan. no conclusions jumped. he endorses and is complicit to those policies and in part so is gwen." There were several additional tweets with similar sentiments.

Shelton, however, is now explaining that he doesn't have a personal relationship with Ryan, nor did the two share a meal together. The singer tweeted, "I can't even fathom the gossip I read about myself anymore. Seriously.. Literally walked into a restaurant WITH MY FAMILY (including children, LOTS of children), bumped to a politician that I've never even met before, said hello and took pictures. (like I would try to do with anyone I meet who asks)."

The country star continued, "Then we immediately left because it was too cold for the outdoor area we had reserved. And now according to the internet we were hanging out or having some big secret meeting in a PUBLIC restaurant!!!!!! WTF?!!! Are you kidding me?" Shelton concluded, "I don't do politics no matter WHAT you've read about me and how it's been spun. And THATS the TRUTH from ME. And if you can find it in your heart to hate me for that then so be it. This is out of control..."

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