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Blake Shelton Dump Gwen Stefani OK


Blake Shelton did not "dump" Gwen Stefani, contrary to a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively confirm the couple is very much still together.

But the new cover of OK! is falsely announcing, "Blake Dumps Gwen!" Inside the issue, the tabloid wrongly contends, "After nearly two years together, 'The Voice's golden couple are on the skids, and sources say Blake is ready to call it quits for good." In the article, it's specifically alleged that the "PDA-obsessed pair have lately been struggling to blend their very different lifestyles and may have pushed each other to the brink of a split." The gossip magazine further claims that, "after multiple trips to Blake's Oklahoma hometown, Gwen finally confessed through tears that she was having trouble seeing a future with him... [And] once the floodgates opened, a deluge of grievances poured out."

"She said she wasn't sure she was cut out for life in Oklahoma," a so-called "insider" asserts to the outlet. "[Then] suddenly she was picking on Blake's mom, Dorothy, accusing her of keeping in touch with Miranda [Lambert] behind their backs. She also started in on his friends and family, insisting they never accepted her." According to the publication, "weeks of bickering over these issues" led Shelton to call Stefani "for what, in his mind, would be their last conversation, just before hiring movers to start removing her things from his property."

Another supposed "insider" contends to the tabloid, "He felt like he had to stand strong and put an end to the fighting, though everyone's saying he can be persuaded to try again. He clearly loves Gwen." And a purported "source" maintains to the magazine, "Blake's telling friends that this breakup isn't for the best... Everyone's hoping the split is temporary and that they'll get back on track soon." Those quotes, however, are just the publication's out. Because Stefani and Shelton are still together, the outlet can explain away this false split story by simply claiming the couple decided to give it another go. In truth, this alleged breakup never happened in the first place and there's no need to "get back on track."

Stefani and Shelton are happily still a couple, and stepped out with her kids in Los Angeles just last week. A rep for the No Doubt singer even exclusively tells Gossip Cop these split claims are "B.S." OK! is purposefully giving readers a false narrative just to sell magazine copies. That shameful practice is nothing new, of course. It was just a month ago that the tabloid made up a cover story about Stefani and Shelton expecting twins. Notably, nothing is said about a pregnancy in this new "dumped" piece. The outlet cares about neither consistency nor accuracy. Gossip Cop, however, cares about both, and we'll keep calling out fabricated stories like these as necessary.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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