Blake Shelton mocked tabloid reports that Gwen Stefani was pregnant with twins during a recent performance. For more than two years, there have been a number of cover stories that have falsely maintained the No Doubt singer was having not just one baby with Shelton, but two babies. The country singer, however, poked fun of how inaccurate the celebrity magazines have been about the couple while entertaining a week ago Saturday at his new restaurant and performance venue Ole Red in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

In between songs, Shelton joked in front of the cheering crowd that they were "very lucky" that evening because Stefani "actually gave birth to twins yesterday, and she's here tonight to sing with me." Stefani then joined him before the appreciative audience and the two sang their hit, "Go Ahead And Break My Heart." Following Shelton and Stefani's duet at Ole Red, the not expecting couple kissed.

It appears Shelton has a good sense of humor about all the phony articles about him and Stefani having twins. As Gossip Cop reported, the untrue reports began more than two years ago when OK! published a cover story in January 2016 that falsely maintained the then new couple was going to have a "shotgun wedding" on his Oklahoma ranch because she was "pregnant with twins." At the time, reps for both Shelton and Stefani assured us the two babies and quickie marriage claims were "untrue." That was followed up a few months later by an In Touch cover story that also wrongly exclaimed "Twins!" over a photo of Shelton and Stefani.

OK! returned to its same false narrative for a July 2016 cover that announced Stefani was "pregnant with two girls." In that concocted story, the tabloid quoted a fabricated "source" who related how "Blake teared up when he found out" Stefani was expecting and then completely "lost it" when he learned she was "carrying twin girls." Again, her rep guaranteed Gossip Cop it was all "untrue."

Undeterred by it first two fails, OK! tried for a third time in July 2017 with a cover story that declared "Twins!" and "Miracle Babies At 47!" In that bit of fiction, the tabloid asserted that not only did Stefani tell Shelton they were having twins on his birthday, but also that the couple had "already chosen names." Of course, that too was a total lie, and again her rep assured Gossip Cop that the magazine's latest attempt was also "not true."

As noted above, at least Shelton and Stefani can poke fun of all the bogus articles about them having twins. Should there be any legitimate baby news about the couple, it will be published Gossip Cop. In the meantime, enjoy this YouTube video of Shelton mocking the twins rumors.

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