Blake Shelton Mocks Gwen Stefani Baby Rumor: “Damn, I’m Fertile!”

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Blake Shelton Mocks Gwen Stefani Baby Rumor

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Mocks Gwen Stefani Baby Rumor

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Blake Shelton is mocking the claim he’s having a baby with Gwen Stefani, a tabloid story first busted by Gossip Cop.

On Wednesday, the new issue of OK! hit newsstands with cover line, “Gwen & Blake: We’re Pregnant!” It was 100 percent a lie, and Gossip Cop exclusively debunked the story within hours of its release. Stefani is not expecting a baby with Shelton, or anyone else for that matter.

Now Shelton himself is pointing out the lie on Twitter, along with a series of tweets ridiculing the way some have been responding to his apparent new romance with Stefani. The pregnancy allegation came up one when fan wrote to him, “I just read that I am having your love child…” Shelton replied, “Ha!!! You too!!! Damn I’m fertile!!”

When another expressed amazement that “people actually believe all this [expletive],” the country superstar wondered, “Surely not… People can’t be that dumb?” Someone else predicted, “Next weeks headline: @blakeshelton caught in love triangle with alien from outer space and was caught drinking a beer with Elvis. Haha.”

“Now that one could be true,” Shelton amusingly responded. Another wrote, “Next big news story.. It’s Blake’s fault all the Starbucks cups don’t say Merry Christmas.” He tweeted back, “Ha!!!!!!!!”

One fan also quoted Jerry Seinfeld as saying, “People who read tabloids, deserve to be lied to,” which prompted Shelton to say, “Ha!!!!!!!!!!! I love that!!!! So true!!!” Shelton also offered a quotation after one person said she doesn’t “care what they’re saying about @blakeshelton in the media.” He tweeted in response, “To quote my friend @BradPaisley ‘The more they run my name down the more my price goes up.'”

He also appreciated some other words of support. Shelton responded “Amen” after another person wrote him, “Don’t listen to the bull[expletive]….you know what’s right and what’s real….. Stay true to yourself and everything will fall into.” To someone who wrote, “Apparently moving on means being a bad person. This must prove people really are dumb,” he simply said “Yep.”

And Shelton even responded to one hater. An apparent former fan wrote to “The Voice” coach, “You used to be such a good person. Hollywood hit you and…man. It leaves some disappointed, that’s all.” He replied, “Ohh… So you read that bull[expletive] I was just talking about huh? Well.. Good luck!!!” TELL US: What do you think of all of Shelton’s tweets?


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