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Are Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert "exes at war"? According to a new tabloid story, "in private and even in public, the bitter onetime husband and wife can't resist taking shots at each other." Gossip Cop, however, can bust the story, which appears to be at least partially made-up.

Though the former spouses are both happily involved with other people, OK! alleges they "can't hide the tension that still boils up between them, and they're throwing major shade at each other, both onstage and off." As evidence, the gossip magazine first points to the lyric change Lambert made on "Little Red Wagon." During a concert last month, she was filmed singing "I got the hell out of Oklahoma" instead of the original line, "I live in Oklahoma."

Since Lambert moved out of the state following her 2015 split from Shelton, some interpreted the revised lyric as a diss against him. The outlet then brings up Shelton and Luke Bryan singing "All My Ex's Live In Texas," which is called a "not-so-subtle jab at Texas native Miranda." On top of that, the publication claims Shelton "upped the ante" by bringing out Gwen Stefani to sing "Hollaback Girl."

Of course, the tabloid doesn't mention a few important things. One: This wasn't the first time Lambert made such a lyric change. Two: Shelton and Bryan actually performed several covers of country classics, not just that particular song. And three: Stefani has given performances during Shelton's shows before. The magazine left out those key details, which suggests it doesn't know what it's talking about or chose to ignore the facts for the sake of a sensational narrative pitting the exes at odds with one another.

A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Blake and Miranda act like they've moved on, but they still get under each other's skin. Blake has an ax to grind and Miranda's still really mad at him. There's a lot of pent-up frustration, and they're letting it show." It's specifically alleged Lambert dislikes "the way Blake parades his relationship with Gwen" to the point where she's "traded caustic messages with Blake, accusing him of using Gwen to make her jealous."

"Blake hits back saying Gwen's got everything that she doesn't," claims the outlet's supposed source. The publication goes on to allege that Lambert is "planning her best revenge yet" by adopting a child. What's odd, though, is that nothing is said about Shelton being married and having a baby with Stefani. That is, after all, what the tabloid claimed just last week. It's telling that this new article is all about a purported relationship rivalry and even claims Lambert is going to become a mom, yet there's no reference to Shelton tying the knot and becoming a dad.

The reason why is obvious, of course. OK! doesn't care about accuracy or consistency. It falsely alleged in its last issue that Shelton had wed and was expecting a baby, and now it's following up that made-up story with a manufactured tale about a "war" with Lambert. If the magazine was actually in-the-know, it wouldn't have spread majorly wrong allegations last week and it wouldn't be misrepresenting Lambert and Shelton's recent performances. The outlet is looking to stir the pot, not report the truth. However the exes feel about one another, Gossip Cop is assured no one is sharing such information with the gossip media.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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