Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert Supporting Each Other Through Breakups Is Old, Fake News

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Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Support

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Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Support

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Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert supposedly supporting each other through breakups is old, fake news. Gossip Cop can bust this story. In fact, we already did.

More than a week ago, In Touch falsely alleged Shelton and Lambert were “secretly texting” amid breakups with their respective significant others. But while it is believed Lambert and boyfriend Anderson East have split, Shelton and Gwen Stefani are 100 percent still together. The notion that former spouses Lambert and Shelton were consoling each other after both of their new relationships had ended was completely manufactured and untrue.

That’s still the case today. But after running these falsehoods in print, the tabloid is now trying to dupe readers online with the same already debunked claims. The gossip magazine is still wrongly maintaining Shelton is “going through his own breakup from his now-ex,” said to be Stefani. The outlet regurgitates the made-up and inaccurate quotes it previously ran, without any new information to substantiate it claims.

Continuing with its faulty premise that Shelton and Lambert have reconnected and are leaning on one another, the publication opines, “It’s a future that no one could’ve imagined for the exes.” The tabloid goes on to contend that nearly thee years after their divorce, “The two have become each other’s closest allies, and those closest to them say even a romantic reunion isn’t totally out of the question.” Actually, “those closest to them” aren’t talking to the gossip media at all about a reconciliation because not only is one not in the cards, but those legitimately in the country stars’ inner circle don’t go spilling about their love lives.

And again, contrary to the magazine’s foolish insistence that “Blake decided to cool things off with Gwen,” it just isn’t true. Just days ago, after these false contentions were first spread, Shelton and Stefani were seen shopping in Greensboro before his concert. Earlier this week, Stefani shared an Instagram photo of herself and Shelton, and she remains the picture he uses for his profile on Twitter as well as Instagram. Shelton and Stefani may not be ready to get married, but they haven’t broken up either.

Speaking of marriage, In Touch has previously run untrue claims about the couple tying the knot, and about Lambert and East walking down the aisle, too. The outlet couldn’t be trusted then and still can’t now. After those prior lies and with the publication now serving up old, fake news, it’s abundantly clear its bogus reporting shouldn’t be, well, supported.

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