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A story about whether Blake Shelton is "worried" he and Miranda Lambert will have an "awkward run-in" in the wake of her breakup was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus "exclusive." There's a key omission from the article that proves it was cluelessly manufactured.

Over the weekend, Us Weekly said it confirmed Lambert and Anderson East had split, after weeks of speculation about a breakup. Now on Monday, HollywoodLife is claiming to have "exclusively" learned Shelton's "reaction" to the news, as well as if he's "concerned about any awkwardness if he ran into" her. A so-called "source close to Blake" is quoted as saying he "can't stress" about his ex-wife, and "doesn't want to know" about her relationship with East ending.

While that may sound reasonable, the problematic part follows. In regards to the possibility Shelton could cross paths with Lambert and East, the site's supposed snitch contends, "If he runs into them at or outside an award show, Blake wouldn't be surprised and he would take the high road... He is not looking to meet them, but if he bumps into them at any point, it will be brief and cordial." It's unclear why Shelton would run into "them," as in Lambert and East together, if they've split, which is what this whole story is based on.

Then the blog offers, "Time will whether or not Blake will end up having an awkward run-in with Miranda." At no point does HollywoodLies, as the outlet is nicknamed, acknowledge that Lambert and Shelton will both be at the ACM Awards this weekend. Lambert was announced as an ACMs performer in early March, and then Shelton was added to the ACM performance line-up later in the month. While that doesn't guarantee they'll come face-to-face at the event in a conversational setting, it is still significant that they will both be at the same awards show in the coming days. Yet the online publication makes no mention of it when its story is about seeing one another.

HollywoodLies speaks hypothetically about the exes potentially running into each other one day. But if the website really had a "source," as claimed, wouldn't that insider point out that Shelton and Lambert will, in fact, be at the same awards show in less than a week? And wouldn't the site be able to get the low-down about the former spouses sharing the stage instead of arguably meaningless, generalized comments? That HollywoodLies apparently didn't know enough to properly angle its story and include what would be pertinent information indicates not only that its "source" is fake, but also that the blog concocted this narrative just to capitalize on Lambert's reported breakup.

Of course, now that Gossip Cop has pointed out that outlet missed an opportunity for a relevant story, we wouldn't be surprised if the publication suddenly claims to know in the coming days how Shelton and Lambert feel about both of them being at this weekend's ACMs. And surely after Sunday's ceremony, Gossip Cop will be on the look-out for made-up stories from HollywoodLies about what supposedly did or didn't happen between the pair.

It's also worth remembering that Shelton and Lambert were both at the 2016 ACM Awards, as well as last year's CMT Music Awards. The website even ran a suspiciously similar headline last June about a potential "run-in" (see below). The site is recycling the narrative simply due to a change in Lambert's relationship status without any recognition of the fact that they've been in the same place before and will be again in just a few days. As Gossip Cop said above, it's evident this "exclusive" was manufactured by a rather clueless blog.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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