Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert “Divorce Drama” Made Up By Magazine

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Miranda Lambert Reunion Blake Shelton

By Daniel Gates |

Miranda Lambert Reunion Blake Shelton

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UPDATE: While the National Enquirer story was indeed inaccurate, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced in July, four months after this, that they are divorcing.


Blake Shelton’s drunken antics have wife Miranda Lambert ready to dump her partying hubby in a $40 million divorce drama!” claims the National Enquirer in a new, completely false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

According to the magazine’s alleged “insider,” Lambert has “had it” with Shelton’s behavior, and she’s supposedly “given him a marriage-ending ultimatum.” Tension supposedly boiled over around the Grammys, when Lambert didn’t mention Shelton in her acceptance speech and the Enquirer says “things only got worse at the after-party they hosted.”

“Blake was doing his usual act, drinking himself into oblivion, chatting up most any pretty girl who passed his way, and Miranda was left stewing,” a so-called “friend” tells the Enquirer, which claims the couple’s “divorce bombshell” could soon explode.

Uh-huh. Well, back in October 2013, the Enquirer claimed Shelton and Lambert were “heading for a $40 million divorce.” Sound familiar? Then in December 2013, the same magazine said it was a “$100 million divorce.” Neither story was true, and Gossip Cop busted both. Last year, the Enquirer said Shelton was writing a book of his boozy tweets and getting “too close” with supermodel Alena Shishkova. Those stories were also made up, and Gossip Cop busted them.

There have been lots of made-up stories from the Enquirer about Shelton and Lambert. This one can be added to the list. There’s been no marriage ultimatum. There are no threats of divorce. A source close to the situation tells Gossip Cop, “The story is a fiction.”


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