Blake Shelton NOT Making “Secret Late Night Calls” To Miranda Lambert, Despite Report

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Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Secret Calls

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Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert Secret Calls

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Blake Shelton is not making “secret late night calls” to Miranda Lambert, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this story. We’re assured it’s completely false.

The allegation Shelton is “sharing secret late night phone calls” with his ex-wife comes from the National Enquirer. According to the supermarket tabloid, he’s “offering support” to Lambert following a reported split with Anderson East. A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Blake called her up to let her know he was sorry about the news.”

Though Shelton supposedly “ditched” Lambert by ending their marriage in 2015, the gossip magazine’s alleged tipster contends, “They have a long history of bringing comfort to each other when they need it.” Shelton’s girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, is said to be unaware of the former spouses’ purported chats. The publication asserts she would be “less than thrilled to find her man offering comfort to someone he recently shared a bed with for several years.”

The tabloid goes on to claim that “things have also been difficult” between the couple after Stefani “suffered a devastating miscarriage,” ruining their “plans to have a child together.” Due to the “recent tragedy,” their relationship has “never been more fragile,” alleges the magazine. But while the outlet’s “source” maintains Shelton and Lambert’s calls are “innocent,” it’s still said they “could be devastating” for his romance with Stefani.

But the couple’s relationship isn’t in a “fragile” state at all. In fact, Stefani and her kids have happily been spending spring break with Shelton at his ranch in Oklahoma. Gossip Cop has also already busted the publication for falsely, and shamefully, claiming Stefani suffered a miscarriage. Her rep confirmed she was never even pregnant to begin with.

Those are hardly the only flaws here. This tale is all about Shelton “supporting” Lambert, yet the article never once gives her perspective. And while, given that they were together for nearly a decade, they obviously gave each other a shoulder to lean on throughout their relationship, this story doesn’t include any specific examples to substantiate the contention that they have a “history of bringing comfort” to one another. It’s clear no real “sources” or informed people actually connected to the pair really spoke with the tabloid.

If the magazine truly had insider knowledge, it wouldn’t continue to spread the untruthful claims about Stefani suffering a miscarriage and there wouldn’t be holes in its reporting about Shelton and Lambert. The outlet actually has a long history of publishing misinformation about the stars. As seen in the screengrab below, Gossip Cop busted the publication in 2014 for wrongly claiming Lambert was getting pregnant to save their marriage. Of course, they never ended up having a baby.

Now we can confirm the exes aren’t having “secret late night calls,” either. Gossip Cop is told this is all made-up, just like the lies that have come before it.

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