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Was Blake Shelton really "pushed aside" by a group of Meghan Markle fans outside a Los Angeles store? New rumors claim the country superstar thought he was being mobbed by his own supporters, but learned they weren't interested in him at all. Gossip Cop investigated, however, and we can prove the supposed incident never happened and was actually made-up.

"Blake Who? Shelton Pushed Aside By Rabid Meghan Markle Fanatics," exclaims a headline from RadarOnline. The site begins by asserting that while he's a "huge country star," the performer has learned he's "not nearly as popular as future princess" Markle, who is set to wed Prince Harry later this month. It's specifically alleged that when Shelton was "recently was schlepping groceries at Gelson's Market," located in Sherman Oaks, Calif., "a stampede of shrieking teenage girls came running toward him and his cart." But instead of rushing to greet him, the blog maintains the group "skidded right past the musician without so much as a single selfie."

A so-called "eyewitness" is quoted as saying, "The girls weren't screaming for Blake." Rather, it's claimed they were "die-hard fans" of Markle, and wanted to get to see Humphrey Yogurt, which is located inside the supermarket, because the actress worked at the yogurt chain in her teen years. "They were determined to see where the American princess once blended soft serve for tips," alleges the website's purported "onlooker," who adds, "The teens didn't care about Blake at all."

But there's an inherent flaw in this tale, which is based on the premise that these supposed fans wanted to see where Markle worked. Humphrey Yogurt didn't exist inside Gelson's until 2016. When Markle worked at the yogurt shop, in the mid-1990s around the age of 13, it was in a nearby location. So it makes little sense to claim these "die-hard fans" of Markle were rushing past Shelton to get inside Gelson's when that offshoot of the yogurt service really has no connection to the "Suits" star.

More significantly, there's visual documentation that the described incident with Shelton never actually took place. While the outlet suspiciously doesn't give a specific date, Gossip Cop has discovered that "The Voice" coach was photographed at Gelson's on April 20. But in the more than two dozen paparazzi photos, which are readily available for anyone to see online, he is not pictured being swarmed by a "screeching gaggle" of teens in any of the snapshots. The photos, which were taken both as he walked up to the shopping facility and as he exited the store, show him striding alone and completely undisturbed by anyone. Surely if he was caught up in a mob of "rabid Markle fanatics," the paparazzi on the scene would've captured photos and video of what went down.

In actuality, the only images that exist show a run of the mill trip to a grocery store. In fact, it's probably likely that the online publication, and its sister outlet Star, which is running a version of this narrative in its print magazine, concocted this wacky story simply because they knew Shelton had been at Gelson's. The Markle component is a made-up angle that was seemingly designed to make his ordinary shopping trip seem interesting, or even scandalous. On top of all this, Gossip Cop also spoke with a manger for Gelson's, who told us no situation with Shelton ever arose.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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