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A new story about how Blake Shelton loves Gwen Stefani's bikini body more and finds it "hotter" than Miranda Lambert's is completely made-up. The claim comes from fake news generator HollywoodLife. Gossip Cop is assured that absolutely no one who's close to Shelton is sharing stories with the repeatedly discredited site.

There's a reason that outlet is often referred to as HollywoodLies, and it's because of wholly fabricated articles like the latest about Shelton's supposed thoughts about his current girlfriend's body versus his ex-wife's figure. Additionally, not only has the site manufactured this horribly sexist comparison, but it has also wrongfully pinned it on the country singer. The blog writes that Shelton is a huge fan of Stefani's sexy "bikini body," and is "more attracted to her than he ever was to his ex, Miranda Lambert."

To back up it's concocted claim, the outlet has seemingly made up a phony source saying (in terribly unnatural language), "Blake knows that he is batting way out of his league by dating a smoking hot rockstar like Gwen. He can't believe how insane her body looks for a mother of three pushing on hitting 50 in a few years." The "source," who is either a 16-year-old boy or more likely entirely fabricated, adds that Shelton knows Stefani is "the hottest chick of his dating career." Then, as HollywoodLies often does, it has its so-called "source" say something vaguely positive, as if to exonerate it from totally manufacturing fake quotes. "As beautiful as Miranda is, Blake feels like Gwen is even sexier," says the blog's untraceable and probably non-existent "source."

Here's what really going on: HollywoodLies obtained a photo of 47-year-old Stefani, as it notes, "showing off her insane abs on a beach in California, while wearing a black bikini and a pair of Daisy Dukes on July 30." After that, the often disproven blog came up with the angle of comparing Stefani's body to that of Lambert's, because oddly the site likes to pit women against each other. It then tried to legitimize its fabricated article with phony quotations attributed to a "source."

As Gossip Cop mentioned before, HollywoodLife has been caught creating fake news. Just three days ago, we busted the untrustworthy blog for wrongly reporting Stefani was pregnant with twins. Curiously, the outlet made no mention of that in its article about Shelton loving her bikini body. It's also the same unreliable webloid that Gossip Cop corrected a few months ago when it falsely claimed Shelton and Stefani had split up.

Gossip Cop could list dozens of other stories published by HollywoodLies about Shelton and Stefani that were also 100 percent false. One common thread in many of those stories is that the outlet maintained it had a rock solid "source." But it's all lies. And a confidante of "The Voice" coach assures Gossip Cop that Shelton never made the Stefani-Lambert body comparison, nor would he ever share that type of personal view with anyone who would speak to a gossip dumpster like that site.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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