Blake Shelton Celebrates Album Release On “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” Performs “I’ll Name The Dogs” (VIDEO)

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Blake Shelton Live Kelly Ryan Video

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Live Kelly Ryan Video


Blake Shelton celebrated the release of his new album, Texoma Shore, on Friday’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” In addition to performing “I’ll Name The Dogs,” he also spoke about Gwen Stefani and “The Voice.” Watch the video below!

The interview began with Shelton explaining he’s been in New York for the last week, but he “saved the best for last.” As Gossip Cop reported, Shelton did a surprise “Today” show concert on Tuesday, and he was also on “The Tonight Show.” After so much time in the city, he joked to Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest he’s at his “wit’s end” and needs to see some grass. Seacrest abruptly switched topics by asking if it was true his mom had him participate in pageants as a kid. “What’s wrong with you, bringing that up on national television?” Shelton hilariously responded.

He went on to ask if he can just promote his album, prompting Ripa to mock-admonish, “We’ll ask the questions around here!” Shelton did talk about recording his album at his lake house on Lake Texoma, and then dropped a bombshell. He just found out, “Somebody drove their truck through the front of my lake house. So if this album doesn’t hit, that’s bad luck… There’s a truck sticking out of my freakin’ house out there.” Seacrest amusingly told him, “You should go check on that, Blake.”

The subject changed again when Ripa said, “You know I’m obsessed with Gwen Stefani?” Replied Shelton, “Believe me, I’ve seen your meltdowns.” The talk show host wanted to know how they spend their time at the lake house, and he shared, “We like to just float. If we go out on the water, we get on the pontoon boat and just float, talk.” He dismissed the idea of singing together as they’re boating, cracking, “What the hell are we, the Partridge Family?”

As for “The Voice,” Seacrest pointed out that Shelton is the NBC competition’s winningiest coach and they talked about his rivalry with Adam Levine. “As long as he doesn’t win is a win for me. It gets under his skin,” the country superstar said, going on to deadpan that “cheating” is why he’s personally been so successful. More seriously, he credited his wins to the bond he forms with his artists, as well as the “loyal” country audience that votes for the contestants. After watching a clip of Shelton with this season’s key advisor, Kelly Clarkson, it was mentioned that her husband, Brandon Blackstock, is Shelton’s manager. Asked which one of them Blackstock likes more, Shelton noted, “I don’t do the things for him that she does.”

After a commercial break, Shelton performed “I’ll Name The Dogs,” the lead single from Texoma Shore. After the performance, Seacrest assured him, “You’re going to be able to rebuild that lake house in no time.” Check out the videos below!

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