Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson At War?

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Blake Shelton Kelly Clarkson War

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Kelly Clarkson War


Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are “at war,” according to a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story. We’re told on background that the longtime pals remain on good terms.

But OK! wants readers to believe Shelton and Clarkson “aren’t in tune,” even though they “play nice” for “The Voice” cameras. Behind the scenes of the NBC competition, the tabloid contends the coaches are “at each other’s throats.” A so-called “inside source” is quoted as saying, “They take jabs at each other during filming, and on TV it comes off as nothing more than playful bickering. But there are whispers that backstage their spats can get vicious. They dismiss it as friendly competition, but it’s pretty clear there’s real tension.” Of course, “whispers” aren’t exactly proof or confirmation of anything. And who is the tabloid’s unnamed and untraceable “source”?

Still, the gossip magazine goes on to allege Shelton feels “threatened” by Clarkson’s presence on the reality show, with another “source” maintaining he believes she “should be more grateful to him.” The supposed snitch claims, “He says she wouldn’t have even been considered for a coaching spot if it weren’t for him.” The purported tipster further contends Clarkson was “in tears” when Shelton allegedly told her he planned to “lure every last member of her team to his record label after the show.” That said, it’s also asserted that Clarkson “isn’t the least bit intimidated by him.”

It all sounds dramatic, but that’s because the allegations here are greatly sensationalized and largely inaccurate. For starters, the country superstar doesn’t have his own record label. In December, Shelton re-upped his own deal as an artist with Warner Music Nashville. While he could certainly recommend that others sign with the company, too, he has no imprint of his own to offer anyone a record deal, so the contention that he made such a threat to Clarkson doesn’t make sense.

Additionally, while the tabloid insists the co-stars are “taking this contest very personally,” just weeks ago Shelton point-blank told People about Clarkson, “Make no mistake, Kelly is my friend.” Frankly, Shelton’s own words are enough to transparently shoot down the tabloid’s tale, based on an unidentifiable and possible manufactured “source.” And in an interview published just last month, Shelton and Clarkson amusingly recounted some of their double date nights. If the “claws are out,” as claimed in the article, clearly they wouldn’t happily be spending their free time together.

There’s no disputing the colleagues are competitive in the context of the show, with Clarkson even revealing in an outtake that she and Shelton have a bet about winning. But there’s no real “war” between them outside of the program, as Gossip Cop pointed out when this outlet’s sister publication, RadarOnline, tried to claim Shelton and Clarkson were in a “backstage feud” nearly two weeks ago. While a rep for “The Voice” did not respond to a request for comment, an insider who works with the pair confirms to Gossip Cop what Shelton and Clarkson themselves have said publicly, which is that they are rivals on the show but consider themselves friends first and foremost.


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