Blake Shelton Jokes Carrie Underwood Song Promotes Smoking, Gets Backlash

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Blake Shelton joked that Carrie Underwood’s song “Smoke Break” promotes smoking, and is therefore undeserving of a CMT Music Award. But now he’s facing a backlash from fans who didn’t realize he was kidding.

As Gossip Cop has reported, “Smoke Break” is nominated for Video of the Year, along with Shelton’s clip for “Sangria.” All the awards are fan-voted, and so the supporters of both stars have been encouraging voting on social media. But the campaigning took a turn on Saturday with Shelton’s joke on “CMT Hot 20 Countdown.”

One Underwood fan tweeted, “Blake Shelton is telling people to not vote for Carrie for VOTY with Smoke Break at the CMT awards… NOW we must VOTE!!” Another said, “@blakeshelton is so dumb-he thinks ‘Smoke Break’ by @carrieunderwood is encouraging people 2 smoke. Get a grip Blake-are you really that dim?” And someone else similarly wrote, “Congratulations Blake, now you made Carrie’s fans angry with you. Vote for Smoke Break so Carrie wins at the CMT awards!”

But another upset Underwood supporter actually got Shelton’s attention. “Please tell me you’re not seriously tweeting me this? Good lord…,” he replied to the Twitter user who questioned what he meant by his remark. She then tweeted, “Well I tried to ask @blakeshelton what he meant before I started attacking him like the rest but I get attacked.”

Shelton, however, went on, “It was just a joke.. I promise. Did you see the segment at all?” And that prompted the Underwood fan to admit, “No. I got on Twitter and see everyone insulting you so I decided to take a different route and ask you first bc I didn’t see it.”

“The Voice” coach understood her explanation and replied, “Ok.. We good then!!! I love me some Carrie Underwood!!!” But while the record has now been set straight, we won’t know who will actually win the top CMT Award (and it may not be Shelton OR Underwood) until next month. Gossip Cop will have full coverage.

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