Blake Shelton is NOT "humiliated" by Gwen Stefani talking about their relationship, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

Celeb Dirty Laundry asks in a headline, "Blake Shelton Humiliated After Gwen Stefani Reveals Their Hookup Details To Media — Hates Girlfriend Using Him For Publicity?" The site asserts, "Blake Shelton doesn't want Gwen Stefani to talk about their relationship in front of the cameras anymore. In fact, during a sneak peak [sic] of 'The Voice' Season 12, Blake even begged his girlfriend to keep quiet about their hookups to contestants."

The webloid is referring to a promo for the upcoming season, in which Stefani is trying to prove her country credentials to woo a contestant. She says, "I just did a country song with Blake Shelton, so I've got the hookup." Shelton JOKINGLY cracks in response, "That is so inappropriate to be talking about our hookup!" It was the country singer himself who referenced their romance, and it was right in line with his typical banter.

CDL, however, is suggesting otherwise. "Even though Blake was joking during the clip, many insiders have noticed that the country star hasn't said much about his personal life," writes the outlet, going on to claim, "Gwen Stefani has been talking about her Blake Shelton romance to the press for months now. While Blake has been trying to focus more on his work and his music, Gwen continually brings up their relationship in her interviews."

This is more inaccurate spin. Stefani is typically asked about the relationship, as is Shelton. He discusses his girlfriend in virtually every print or broadcast media appearance. But the online publication still claims, "For Blake, though, he's had enough. That might also be why he hasn't proposed to Gwen yet. By now, many fans expected Blake and Gwen to at least be engaged, but that hasn't happened. At this point, no one even knows if Blake still wants to marry and settle down with someone like Gwen."

Of course, all the engagement speculation has been unsubstantiated gossip, and a lack of a proposal is not a reflection of how Shelton feels about Stefani. The site, despite droning on and on, actually has no proof the country singer feels "humiliated" or is "tired" of the songstress discussing their relationship.

But this manufactured storyline has become a pattern for CDL. Nearly a year ago, the webloid said Shelton was feeling "smothered" by Stefani. And last fall, it said Shelton was "embarrassed" by Stefani. Meanwhile, the couple remains happily together. Clearly, it's Celeb Dirty Laundry that should be feeling embarrassed for smothering readers with this false narrative.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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