Blake Shelton Tells Haters To “Suck It” Because He’s Having “Incredible 2016”

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Blake Shelton Haters Suck It

By Shari Weiss |

Blake Shelton Haters Suck It

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Blake Shelton is telling haters to “suck it” and boasting about his “INCREDIBLE” year… even though it just started 11 days ago.

On Monday, Shelton tweeted, “Hey haters.. I’m having an INCREDIBLE 2016 so far!! Suck it… You like that? I can’t hear you. Oh yeah.. It’s because you’re sucking it.” The post was capped off with the dancing emoji of a woman in a red dress who, in this case, happened to be blonde.

It’s not clear what prompted Shelton’s comment, although he seems to get hate tweets on a regular basis. The message was well-received by fans, including one who wrote to the singer, “YASSSSS GIT UM BLAKE.” He replied, “Yee haww!!! Life is short friends… Don’t take any sh*t from people.”

Another wrote to “The Voice” coach, “You inspire me.” Shelton responded, “If you only learn one thing from me let it be this. Take no bullsh*t.” He’s made similar remarks on Twitter several times over the last few months, as he’s repeatedly used the social media site to hit back at negative comments and mock tabloid stories.

Just last week, Shelton and girlfriend Gwen Stefani poked fun at the gossip rags as they exchanged some flirtatious tweets. And Gossip Cop suspects the country superstar’s “incredible 2016” has more than a little to do with her. Shelton’s good times will continue next month with a concert tour, before he returns for “The Voice” season 10 live episodes.


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