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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are not "weeks away" from getting married. Gossip Cop can correct a new tabloid report that alleges they're set to have a quickie wedding this summer. It's merely speculation that goes against what the country singer himself has publicly stated.

According to OK!, after the couple recently attended Shelton's friend's marriage ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas, he and Stefani decided to quickly have their own "country-style wedding." His pal's nuptials, says the magazine's "source," "brought up a lot of feelings" for Stefani and Shelton, who are now preparing for "a midsummer backyard wedding at Blake's sprawling Oklahoma ranch." "They want it to be more about having fun with friends and family than hosting a big Hollywood party," adds the tabloid's tipster.

But rather than offering any specifics about the ceremony, the magazine speculates with generalities about how a Stefani-Shelton wedding would have "a lot of country music, some pop music for Gwen, and no one would be surprised if they did a duet." Of course, there would be country and pop music. They're both musicians and weddings are known for having music and dancing. Presenting the possibility of them duetting at their own marriage is also hardly inside information. Stefani and Shelton already released the duet "Go Ahead And Break My Heart," and they've shared the stage on numerous occasions.

Glaringly omitted is the specific date of the supposed wedding, even though the publication maintains it's just "weeks away." Also not addressed in the latest article is what happened to their "summer wedding plans" last year. Nearly a full year ago, the same tabloid maintained in a cover story that a wedding was also "around the corner" and Stefani was pregnant with Shelton's twins (see below). Curiously, there's no mention of those two (nonexistent) kids in the new, fabricated story.

Additionally, the current OK! article does not address how the tabloid reported in January of this year that Stefani and Shelton supposedly already got married in a "backyard wedding" at her Los Angeles home just days "before Christmas" (see below). In that wholly manufactured tale, an unnamed and untraceable "source" was quoted as saying, "Just 27 of the couple's nearest and dearest gathered in Gwen's back garden" for a wedding ceremony that "only set them back $23,000." Not only did Gossip Cop debunk the cover story at the time with a slew of facts, but Stefani's rep also assured us the marriage claim was completely "untrue."

The reality is the couple is not "weeks away" from tying the knot. On the contrary, when recently asked by CMT Radio whether Shelton thinks about marrying Stefani, the country singer responded, "I don't think it's anytime soon or anything." Significantly, both singers also have a pretty packed summer schedule. Stefani's Las Vegas residency begins in a week and a half from now and keeps her tied up through July. Meanwhile, Shelton's tour schedule and tapings for the next season of "The Voice" have him busy this summer, too. Still, Gossip Cop went back to Stefani's rep, who speaks on her behalf, and asked whether she and Shelton were having a wedding this summer, and we were told flat-out it's "not true."

Conclusion: While the tabloid alleges Shelton and Stefani are "weeks away" from a "backyard wedding" at his Oklahoma ranch, the outlet furnishes no proof at all to back up its claim. The entire article is based on vague and speculative quotes from an unidentifiable "source." One wonders whether this is the same "source" who has been repeatedly wrong about the couple, including alleging in two cover stories in the past 11 months that Stefani was pregnant with twins and that she and Shelton secretly wed in a "backyard wedding" at her L.A. house last December.

Clearly, the magazine's alleged insiders are not very reliable because both those contentions were 100 percent untrue. Meanwhile, Stefani's own rep tells Gossip Cop that a "summer wedding" is not happening. But assuming one ignores the spokesperson's on-the-record comments, Shelton himself has denied he's getting married "anytime soon." Also, the timing is hard to believe since both musicians are booked for most of this summer. For those reasons, Gossip Cop is giving the tabloid's new story a 0 out of 10 on our "Fact or Fiction" meter.

Gwen Stefani Pregnant Blake Shelton

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Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Wedding Backyard

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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