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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were never "torn apart" by a contestant on "The Voice," despite a report a year ago. Gossip Cop originally busted this story on March 24, 2017. Now we can explain how time has shown our debunking was correct and the claims are still demonstrably wrong.

RadarOnline often likes to pretend it knows about behind-the-scenes drama on the set of "The Voice." In this particular case, the site announced Shelton and Stefani had been "torn apart" after her "flirtation with a contestant crossed the line." The sensational article was sparked by an episode of the NBC competition that had aired days prior, in which Stefani had told artist Chris Blue that she was "mesmerized by [his] body." She was, of course, referring to his performance style as he competed in the Battle rounds, but the remark prompted laughs from the audience. Shelton himself even quipped, "I hope you're not available to steal, because then I'll probably lose my girlfriend."

Though it was a light-hearted, funny moment on camera, the website alleged Shelton "flipped out backstage." It was specifically claimed about the couple, "You could just tell that there is a lot of tension between the two of them right now. They are not having the same type of interactions that they used to have." But as Gossip Cop revealed back then, there was an obvious indication that these claims were made-up.

The episode in question had taped more than a month before it was broadcast. Had there really been a big dust-up, as claimed, and if the outlet really had a "show insider," as also claimed, it should've learned right away that there was drama that put the couple's relationship in jeopardy. Instead, the online publication suspiciously only ran such allegations when the installment aired, weeks after it had been filmed. That suggested that the site just happened to see the amusing on-camera exchange and decided to turn it into something dramatic for clicks.

Notably, Blue went on to win "The Voice," and his performance style was one of the reasons why he stood out. Stefani wasn't "flirting" with the contestant when she pointed how his body moved on stage. She was merely commenting on something that showed he had star quality. The website transparently tried to use what was actually a worthwhile observation to concoct a relationship scandal where there wasn't one.

Now 365 days have gone by, and it's abundantly apparent Stefani and Shelton were never actually "torn apart." On the contrary, the couple is still happily together. Stefani shared an Instagram photo of herself with the country superstar just days ago, and when Shelton appeared on the "Today" show this week, he gushed about his girlfriend and her kids. So much for being "torn apart." RadarOnline was wrong last year and remains wrong today.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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