Top Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani Rumor Of 2019: Pregnant At Their Wedding

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side by side photos of Gwen Stefani in a white dress next to Blake Shelton in a suit and jeans

By Griffin Matis |

side by side photos of Gwen Stefani in a white dress next to Blake Shelton in a suit and jeans

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are closing out their year competing against one another as coaches on The Voice. They’ve had an incredible few months, despite the constant flow of tabloid stories about their relationship. Gossip Cop busted the majority of those claims, but one in particular deserves to be singled out.

Life & Style wins our award for the Top Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Rumor of 2019. Its April cover story about Stefani announcing she was pregnant in the middle of her secret wedding to Shelton deserves the prize. Multiple tabloids published rumors about the two marrying or having a kid, but this one’s special.

According to the magazine, the couple had a secret 200-person wedding at Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma. Sometime during the ceremony, the outlet’s source said, Stefani broke the news that she’s expecting. The insider said that “everyone erupted in screams of joy” after the singer declared that she was pregnant with a baby girl mid-vows.

The ceremony was just as dramatic, the tipster added, with “six bridesmaids, three live band and four wedding cakes.” Shelton even oversaw the catering for the event, ensuring that there was a complete “feast” of barbecue, the outlet claimed. At some other point during the wedding, the couple named fellow The Voice coaches Adam Levine and Kelly Clarkson as godparents.

Gossip Cop ran the claim by Stefani’s official spokesperson. They went on the record with us to say that the singer wasn’t pregnant or married. Stefani and Shelton still aren’t even engaged. We won’t be surprised if Shelton proposes soon, but it hasn’t happened yet.

This rumor in particular is a perfect slice of the ongoing saga of Shelton and Stefani’s relationship in the tabloids. We can trace back stories about the two quietly marrying on Shelton’s ranch back to 2016. Rumors about Stefani being pregnant or getting pregnant with Shelton’s child go back just as far.

Life & Style’s fantastical article, however, is the cream of the crop. By omitting any details that might make the story believable — like, say, the date of the ceremony — and doubling down on the big claims of both a baby and a wedding at the same time, the outlet created a somewhat entertaining piece. It still doesn’t contain a lick of truth, though.

Unfortunately, the outlet couldn’t leave well enough alone. In the time since its award-winning piece, the tabloid has made several more outrageous allegations about the couple. By September, Life & Style again claimed that Stefani was pregnant and Shelton was proposing on The Voice. A few weeks later, it argued that Stefani and Shelton were quitting Hollywood entirely and moving to Oklahoma. A week after that, it said the couple secretly married on Stefani’s birthday.

Pretty much every story about the couple that the outlet published was just as wrong as its April claim. They just weren’t nearly as dynamic as a joint wedding-pregnancy announcement. Instead, it’s effectively just repeated the same story over and over with minor variations.

In reality, Stefani and Shelton may be dropping hints that an engagement may come soon. Both have somewhat mentioned the inevitability of their engagement in interviews, but for now, they’re perfectly happy the way they are. Shelton’s newest album, Fully Reloaded: God’s Country, features “Nobody But You,” a collaboration between Shelton and Stefani. The single’s received plenty of love from fans, and it’s a great sign for the future for the two singing superstars.


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