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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are not planning to marry in a "summer wedding," contrary to claims that are both late and wrong. Gossip Cop already corrected this fake news, but the misinformation is continuing to spread thanks to blogs that don't fact check. As a result, we'll set the record straight again.

On Tuesday, Gossip Cop busted HollywoodLife for falsely claiming Shelton and Stefani may have a "summer wedding" in the works. We had significant evidence to support our debunking, while the website only offered a single unnamed and untraceable "source." We pointed out, for example, that while Shelton has said he thinks about marrying Stefani, he stressed in April that a wedding would not happen "any time soon." Similarly, Stefani recently told Ellen DeGeneres that she loves weddings, but gave zero indication that there was one coming up in her future.

Just as significant is that the couple's summer schedules are pretty jam-packed. Shelton's official website shows he has concerts slated throughout July and August. He will also be shooting the next season of "The Voice." And Stefani's Las Vegas residency dates have her booked virtually all of July. On top of all that, Gossip Cop also spoke with a rep for the songstress, who exclusively told us on the record that it's "untrue" Stefani is planning a summer wedding.

Given this plethora of proof, most of it readily available to anyone with an internet connection, it is more than apparent that the summer wedding tale from HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed, is just as bogus as other phony stories it has peddled about the couple. The problem now is that, nevertheless, other sites are running with it. Celebrity Insider is offering a headline on Wednesday that reads, "Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are Reportedly Eyeing A Summer Wedding — Did Miranda Lambert's Ex Secretly Propose?"

The online publication acknowledges Stefani and Shelton have "yet to announce an engagement," but still regurgitates the debunked HollywoodLies claims. There is no indication that the blog made any attempt to fact-check the contentions before repeating them. Similarly, The Hollywood Gossip is stating in its own headline on Wednesday, "Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton: Summer Wedding Plans Revealed?!" Just like Celebrity Insider, this website also made no discernible effort to investigate the allegations, but advises readers at the end, "We'll take this news with a grain of salt." In that case, the site really shouldn't have picked up the storyline in the first place, especially after it was already busted the day before.

Conclusion: Gossip Cop rounded up clear evidence to debunk HollywoodLife's false story about Shelton and Stefani having a summer wedding. Despite the correction, Celebrity Insider and The Hollywood Gossip opted to share the untruths, even though it couldn't provide any proof to back them up. Rather than reporting real, verified news, these outlets have helped flood the web with fake news. And as long as they keep doing so, Gossip Cop will continue to transparently call out the offenders as necessary. We are committed to fact-checking, while others clearly aren't.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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