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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani seemed like an unlikely couple when they first started dating in late 2015, but two and a half years later, they're still going strong. Yet the tabloids have repeatedly spread false claims about the couple breaking up. Check out five wrong rumors below.

In May of 2017, In Touch published a cover story announcing Stefani had been "dumped." The made-up narrative claimed "The Voice" producers were urging Shelton to propose on TV, but he supposedly knew the timing wasn't "right," and she was "hesitant" to marry again, leading him to "put the brakes on everything." But by the end of the article, the tabloid backed away from its "dumped" premise, instead alleging they were just "cooling things off a little." In actuality, that was just a built-in excuse for why fans would still see them together, because they hadn't truly split at all.

The following August, OK! also ran a "dumped" cover story, where it was asserted Shelton was "ready to call it quits for good." The decision was said to be the result of "weeks of bickering" with Stefani that culminated in the country superstar "hiring movers to start removing her things from his property." Unsurprisingly, this tale also included an out, with a so-called "source" maintaining, "Everyone's hoping the split is temporary and that they'll get back on track soon." Of course, they were never really off "track" in the first place. In fact, just days before this tall tale was published, "Entertainment Tonight" reported Shelton and Stefani were "still very happy" and "committed."

Meanwhile, in January of 2018, Celebrity Insider used a debunked Life & Style cover story to contend Stefani and Shelton were on the "verge of a split." Copying from the magazine, the site claimed they were "planning a country wedding in Oklahoma, but she decided to not go through with it." But after leading readers to believe these allegations were true, the blog reversed course several paragraphs down to acknowledge that Gossip Cop had set the record straight. "A Stefani rep told the truth-telling website that there was no ceremony to cancel and the alleged relationship problems are simply inaccurate," admitted the outlet. So even though Celebrity Insider knew the truth, it still tried to dupe fans with fake news.

In March, In Touch offered a new "dumped" storyline. In this version, it was alleged Stefani was "humiliated" and "heartbroken" after Shelton "left her." The publication detailed a purported "explosive final fight," following which he "took off without even saying goodbye." This argument supposedly took place around February 24, but on February 25, Shelton and Stefani were happily together at her son's "Scooby-Doo" birthday party. Obviously, he hadn't "dumped" the songstress at all. So this was now the second time in less than a year that the tabloid sold an entirely untrue breakup cover about Shelton ending things when he really didn't.

To make matters worse, the magazine also peddled a shorter article claiming Shelton was getting post-break up support from none other than his ex-wife, Miranda Lambert. With Lambert going through a split of her own, it was asserted, "It's a future that no one could've imagined for the exes." The outlet further alleged, "The two have become each other's closest allies, and those closest to them say even a romantic reunion isn't totally out of the question." But as Gossip Cop pointed out then, "those closest" to the stars wouldn't be dishing to the gossip media about a potential reconciliation because their real friends don't discuss their personal lives with the tabloids, and their pals would know there was no reunion happening regardless.

And in the few months since In Touch spread that nonsense, Lambert and Shelton have not gotten back together. On the contrary, he and Stefani are still completely united. Just last week, Shelton even joked on Twitter that he's a "stalker" for attending Stefani's first three residency concerts. Clearly, all of these breakup rumors have been bullsplit.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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