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Is Blake Shelton really jealous of Gwen Stefani's Las Vegas residency? A new report claims he wishes he was the one who scored the gig, and not his girlfriend. Gossip Cop, however, can debunk the story.

Referencing one of Shelton's own songs, Star begins its untrue article by asserting, "There are 'Problems At Home,'" and Stefani's concert series "is to blame." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Blake can't believe that Gwen was offered a Vegas deal before he was." The tabloid contends Shelton believes he's "way more deserving of the gig than" Stefani.

"Blake gripes about how he's a bigger music and TV star than Gwen and has a wider appeal," alleges the outlet's supposed snitch. It's further asserted Shelton is now "hoping Gwen will use her connections to help him close a deal on his own residency — or at the very least... bring him out on stage for a few duets during her shows." But Stefani, maintains the purported snitch, "hates his tit-for-tat mentality. She wishes he was happy for her achievements."

There's multiple problems with these contentions. For starters, Stefani's residency was announced in early April. If Shelton has been bothered by the plans, why are these claims only emerging roughly three months later? Gossip Cop suspects the publication only manufactured this tale because the concerts kicked off last week.

Second, the tabloid fails to acknowledge that Shelton just opened Ole Red Nashville, his second restaurant/music venue, last month, and has a third establishment in the works after originally launching the chain in Oklahoma. Given that Shelton will be the owner of at least three concert halls that he can perform at any time he chooses, he doesn't really have a need for a residency in Vegas.

Third, the magazine also doesn't recognize that the country superstar has shown his girlfriend nothing but support. Shelton sent Stefani flowers to celebrate her opening night, with a card congratulating her. Shelton has also posted about the residency on Twitter multiple times, including on Monday when he wrote, "So far @gwenstefani has performed 3 shows in Las Vegas. I have been to 3... #stalker." And in an interview about Stefani's Las Vegas shows, she revealed she was "bouncing" ideas off him, sharing, "He's one of those people in my life that's super supportive and gets me motivated."

Conclusion: Star is claiming Shelton is upset about Stefani's Las Vegas residency, but is suspiciously only peddling these allegations months after the concert series was announced. The outlet contends he wants his own residency, but he can have a residency any time he wants at the music venues he owns. And the publication further alleges Stefani prefers Shelton was "happy for her achievements," but he's demonstrated multiple times that he is. And Stefani herself has spoken publicly about his support.

All of these facts are left out, showing that the tabloid's report is entirely off-base. It's also significant that just two weeks ago, Star ran an article about Stefani having a miscarriage and being in a "terrible" state. That life-changing event isn't even mentioned in this new piece, which is further proof that it never happened, just as Gossip Cop had said. The magazine seems to be making up bogus stories as it goes along.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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