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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani aren't engaged, but it's not for the reason one of this week's tabloids is claiming. A new report says the couple isn't married yet because Stefani wants her previous marriage to be annulled by the Catholic Church. This is just the latest variation of a recycled storyline that Gossip Cop has frequently debunked.

In the latest issue of Us Weekly, the magazine claims the holdup on the longtime couple not getting married is due to Stefani's demand that they wed in a proper Catholic ceremony, which can't happen until her marriage to Gavin Rossdale is annulled. The No Doubt singer legally divorced Rossdale in 2016 after 14 years. They have three sons together.

The tabloid's article quotes a supposed "source" saying, "They've had some heated discussions" over the issue. The outlet purports that Shelton isn't happy with waiting and is anxious to get married. The alleged insider adds, "In some ways they have this dark cloud hanging over them. They're both emotional about wanting to get married as soon as possible."

According to the phony report, Shelton "would prefer to forget all the official stuff and forge ahead with a wedding," as he "doesn't understand why this is so important to her, since they've essentially been living in sin." The article goes on to falsely claim Stefani is frustrated that Shelton hasn't at least proposed. The uninformed source asserts that she "feels like he could at least put a ring on her finger in the meantime."

Then, in typical tabloid fashion, the publication makes up all the details about the imaginary wedding, saying there will be a ceremony in Beverly Hills followed by a "huge party at Blake's ranch," again, according to the supposed "insider." For good measure, the outlet throws out another one of its silly tropes - the couple wants to have a child. "Gwen would love at least one more baby," the tabloid's "source" says.

Gossip Cop debunked this bogus rumor when Us Weekly first invented it in March, in an article claiming Stefani wanted a marriage to Shelton to be recognized by the Catholic church. It wasn't true then, as Stefani's spokesperson confirmed with us at the time, and it's not true today. There's also no validity to the idea that the couple has a "dark cloud" over their relationship.

When Shelton and Stefani do talk about their relationship, it is nothing but positivity and love. For example, in September, Stafani appeared on SiriusXM radio gushing over how in love she was, saying, "This how I always thought love should feel like." Shelton did the same in an interview with Entertainment Tonight over the summer, saying that the couple's bond "gets stronger every day."

This silly narrative has been busted so many times by Gossip Cop, it's ridiculous. Earlier this week, we put together a story of how many times we've corrected articles about Stefani insisting her marriage to Shelton gets recognized by the Catholic Church. The couple clearly isn't worried about the state of their relationship, despite the gossip media's obsession on this topic.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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