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A story claiming Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are "putting off an engagement" is fake news. Shelton himself has already made clear they have no immediate plans to wed. Gossip Cop can also explain how this made-up tale contradicts other fabrications from the same site.

In its latest manufactured piece about Shelton and Stefani, HollywoodLife purports to have "exclusive details on why they're putting off the big commitment." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "With Gwen's Vegas residency and Blake's constant touring and duties with 'The Voice' there really isn't anytime to get married." This untraceable and almost assuredly fictional insider goes on to assert, "And instead of getting engaged and waiting forever to get married they want to be in a spot where they can do both quick and the way they want to do it."

Notably, this is inconsistent with a number of past articles from the blog. For example, after wrongly claiming the couple was engaged last October, in December the website asserted Stefani and Shelton will "never marry if they're not engaged in 2018." In February, there was a story maintaining Shelton was shopping for a ring to propose on Valentine's Day. But after that didn't happen, just as Gossip Cop said it wouldn't, the outlet changed its narrative in April to contend Stefani and Shelton may skip an engagement and elope. Yet two weeks later, the online publication then claimed her kids were pressuring the country superstar to propose.

None of these stories jive together, or are consistent with this newest one, because the site seems to make it all-up as it goes along. If HollywoodLies, as it is nicknamed for its tendency to concoct phony "exclusives," truly had "sources" and genuine insight, it wouldn't always be contradicting itself. Furthermore, there's nothing particularly noteworthy about these latest assertions. As opposed to being a unique scoop, the contention that Stefani and Shelton don't have much time to wed right now is something any fan could've easily figured out.

Stefani's residency schedule was released back in April, showing she has concerts on and off through March of 2019. Ticketing for "The Voice" shows that after recently completing the Blind Auditions for the fall season, filming resumes in August. The series will go live in November. Quite obviously then, their schedules are pretty full. It doesn't take a "source" to realize that when this information is readily available.

And while they could still squeeze in a wedding if they wanted, Shelton already said in April that while he thinks about marrying Stefani, it wouldn't happen "any time soon." No one needs a HollywoodLies "exclusive" saying he and Stefani aren't getting married yet when he already said it himself. This is fake news, or as a rep for Stefani confirms to Gossip Cop, more "made-up B.S."

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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